Transferring into the University of Michigan?

Hi, I'm currently a freshman at Grand Valley State University. I need some help coming up with transfer essay ideas because I feel like my current essay is a bit negative.. I was rejected from Umich when I applied last year to the School of Engineering. I had a 3.86 GPA and 29 ACT coming out of high school. I took several AP classes, all scoring 4 or 5s. I was also involved in volunteering at the local hospital JR and SR year. I was in 3-4 ECs but never really showed any commitment. I feel my biggest weaknesses were my lack of leadership positions and mediocre essays.

I want to make sure I have a better chance of getting in this year but I'm having trouble with my essays. I did not have a very good start GPA-wise entering college mostly because of my Calculus II class(C+, all my other classes were A-).

My biggest reasons for transferring:

- I feel like I'm being distracted because I followed my friends into my current school.

- UMich has a better computer science program than my current school.

- I want a fresh start, this is a little too close to home(20 min away from my hometown).

- The school I'm in doesn't really have the campus life I wanted(weekends are completely dead, everyone seems to return home for some reason..)

I would appreciate it if someone could help me out with coming up with ideas. Thanks.

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  • 10 years ago
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    For your essay, I would recommend you focus on positive statements, such as: "UMich has a better computer science program than my current school." I wouldn't phrase it exactly in this way, but explain specifically what the U of M program offers that your current program does not, what your ultimate career goals are, and how being at U of M would help you meet those goals. The more you can focus on your education and career, and also explain what you can offer the University of Michigan engineering community, you should be in good shape.

    Your other reasons are all very valid, but the ones I mentioned above are what will matter most to an admissions advisor.

    Good luck!

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