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Why do I want to leave my city?

Im a 17 year old girl living in London and since I was 15 I have always wanted to leave the city for good, I have been so unhappy with this environment, I want something new and different, I don't focus on my college studies because I keep thinking about running away, I don't have nothing in London except some family members, but I don't really have a normal teenage life here and it makes me feel angry and depressed,I was so jealous when my friend went back to her country in the Mediterranean and when we speak on the phone or on the internet she always tells me she is so happy and that she is glad she begged her parents to send her back home,I wish my parents would send me somewhere far away, I hate every bit of London Life, I was born and raised here, but now I need to go somewhere else, Im tired of being bored of life, why do I get this feeling and why can't I concentrate?

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    Bohemian listen, you have the wanderlust and that's ok but set yourself a goal that you do well at college and maybe if you are good there is a possibility that you can be an exchange student and swap with a girl from another country on the continent but that means you have to speak another language if want to be a student there otherwise finish college in England and then you could always apply to be an Au-pair girl abroad. Go to a bigger city where English is spoken if you go abroad because if you go to the tiny rural places along the Mediterrean then you need to speak French or Spanish. In big cities they all speak English and if you live abroad for a while with a family and are a child minder and help with some household chores then you learn the language of the country you go to because it's a lot easier to learn it if you hear it spoken daily and you read in that language and sooner or later you pick up something about the language and are a lot more interested in learning it when you live there because you want to understand the natives..

    Finish your schooling and you have a goal now, so try to concentrate on reaching this goal to finish college because you have a dream of spending one year abroad afterwards...and that is possible.x

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    Wait until you are 18. Find a job, make friends with people of other countries. Connections can help you to explore new places and then move on.

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    i think you have two options

    1. just do it, take the action and leave to any where, give your self chance to try another place then you will know if you were right or wrong about leaving in LONDON

    2. just stay where you are and try to find new life, and you can do that by finding new activities to do, new friends, new school maybe

    by the way my Dream is to live in LONDON.

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    The middle class have at all times ended up moving far from cities. The core category rule the suburbs. Which you could best have enough money to are living in the big cities if you are rich, or on government housing, wealthy/terrible. That's generally how metropolis existence always has been. I suppose that this text is commonly fluff. BS. Core disorders alternate as we develop, optimistically all of us become smart enough to vote independent sooner or later.

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    I think that's pretty normal for most people when they become an adult. I want to leave San Antonio, which I have been here most of my life.

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