Help finding name of a playstation 1 rpg :(?

When I was a kid my cousin had bought a ps2 and there was this rpg he had on it that I played. I really can't remember the name but the game was about(from what I remember) a soldier in a desert, a girl that was a spellcaster of some sort, and an Indian guy in the rainy wilderness... You can play all of their sides of the stories one at a time and I think it was a multidisk game. I keep thinking the game is called wild fang but I have searched and looked up to find it doesn't exsist.. Under that name at least. So please if any one knows of a game on the playstaion 1 or 2? With a soldier a witch and an Indian please let know the name of it cause it's so frustrating not knowing what the game is called :(


The art looked kind of like an anime,I could be wrong, but the stages were in 3d like rendered polygons while the characters themselves were 2d sprites. it was about 9 years ago when I played it so I could be wrong :(. I say it was ps1 because I remember the case to it was like a cd and not a DVD.

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  • 10 years ago
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    It kind of sounds like Dark Cloud... But if that were the case you have them alittle mixed up... If thats not it, still check it out because it's a great game :)

    Can you edit your post with details on what you think the art kind of looked like and how long ago this was?

    If I have an idea of what your thinking of I have a pretty good chance at finding it... Otherwise, look up PS1 or PS2 roms, and just search like crazy through all of them...

  • 10 years ago

    for sum odd reason dark cloud came to mind too but im thinking its probably wild arms?

  • 4 years ago

    idk if theres yet another recreation yet theres definately a scene like that in very last fantasy 8.. zidane changed into the guy and dagger is the girl sweet hearty track.. definately a very last fantasy :/ lol

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