Isn't the Xbox 360 more powerful the PS3 ( read below ) ?

Ok so it's common knowledge that the Xbox 360's GPU is more powerful then PS3's GPU. Now it comes down the processors, I've heard a lot how the Cell is so much more powerful then the 360's Xenon and how it can also handle some graphics processing, I personally think the Xenon is 3X more powerful simply because the Cell has 1 Core which is suppose to act as a controller for the 6 SPE's but the SPE's are nothing like cores cause they have no access to memory or cache etc etc... Now the 360 has 3 cores and I've heard that each core can handle 2 threads simultaneously which gives it 6 threads in total, so isn't the 360's processor more powerful since it has 3 proper cores at 3.2GHZ while the PS3 is just a single core at 3.2GHZ ???

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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  • kukwa
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    3 years ago

    i might desire to guess that it extremely is because of fact Sony grants extra developer kit to help them improve video games speedier and of better high quality and the undeniable fact that PS3 has a Blu-ray force, which permits lots extra content/ texture high quality according to disc because of fact of better means. As you're able to be able to or won't comprehend, maximum video games do not even use 0.5 of the area on a Blu-ray disc, so as you could guess there's a ton of ability for the PS3. wish that helped.

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