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請以全球暖化 為題





急 謝謝



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    Global Warming

    Continuously lumbering invaluable trees, immoderately using electronic devices, the mother of nature is now diagnosed as having fever. Though all chief executives of different powers are now apparently saying to be' very concerned', their tackling scheme is just a tentacle of political confrontations.

    Unquestionably, one of the most efficacious methods to solve global warming is abstemious carbon dioxide or other global gases emit. Yet, those hypocrites deny or just accused each others. Some cunning countries argue for its weakness while some of them discontent with the one who allows emitting less air pollutant, under the pretext of unfairness. The governments actually apprehend this is an effective method to deal with the problem, yet no body of them is able to elude the haunted serpent, named ’selfishness’.

    Can you imagine the situation we met if the global warming problem carries on? Will we have devastating catastrophe in the coming centuries? All depends on the decision of the present hypocrites-----whether they will rectify or pursue.


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