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If you were shooting a movie that involved people talking in a moving car on a busy street how would you film?

it? What equipment would you need? In particular how would you record the dialog? Is there a low budget way to do it vs the Hollywood way?

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    Depends on your budget.

    The "Hollywood" way, as in working with a proper budget:

    1. close the street and fill it with paid extras (background characters)

    2. Either use car-mounted cameras or tow the car behind a special camera truck. These will have several cameras to shoot multiple angles at once.

    3. Use green screen and film the actors in a stationary car, filling in the surroundings and car movement in post.

    4. For dialogue - they'd either use lav microphones (small mikes hidden in or under actor's clothes), use the sound from interior-filmed closeups, or do the audio in post as ADR.

    For the low budget way, still depends on budget. You can rent car mounts for camera equipment. Or you can have your DP use a safety harness and film from the back of a pick-up truck (for video only) in front of the picture car. For sound, the lav mikes are fairly inexpensive and your sound mixer should have some in his kit/equipment package. If not, Use the sound from your in-car close ups (when the cameraman is inside the car filming a close up of the actors from either the opposite seat or the back seat). You can also use ADR for sound, provided you have access to a recording booth (many sound mixers will have access to or know where to go for this). With low budget, it's all about improvisation and adaptation. You can actually accomplish a lot with very littl eif you put your mind to it. Consult your crew. Never know who will come up with the killer idea to get outstanding shots/audio.

    Hope this helps!

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    I actually just did a scene like this with my low budget production. First thing i did was plan out the script and write down exactly which shots I would need and what dialoge must be set, so this meant where I needed the camera's to be, where I can film through, etc. Then I checked out what equipment I would need. Depending on your budget you can make this very professional with just basic stuff, such as a couple cameras, 2 boom mics or hidden individual lapel mics, lighting screens, and several strong lights, etc. Next I thought out my location. I didn't have the budget nor time to really make this amazing, so I used a little tip to distract the viewer. I filmed it during the night so the outside view is scewed so you can't really tell the location or if the location is being repeated, and you can easily make it look busy by adding more lights/cars surrounding it. Now the camera set-ups can vary. I found that I wasn't getting certain shots that I wanted when I filmed inside the vehicle while it was driving.So I did a hollywood technique and in a parking lot with surrounding vehicles. What I did was set up two cameras on opposite sides of the backseat where the two actors were talking near the lighting screens and lights, which allows you to pick and chose the angles through out the dialogue. I also used a handycam in the front seat and just filmed them from the front to back angle. We got a lot of establishing shots of the car driving around the city before hand. While filming I got people to shake the car a bit, the driver to make driving motions, and the surrounding cars to reverse and drive when in the shots. When recording, I used both boom mics and hidden lapel mics. I placed the boom mics near the bottom of car hidden behind the front seats. Its easier to show then explain believe me. I believe the hollywood way and an easier way for that matter is filming infront of a green screen, which I considered but wasn't able to due to budget and scheduling conflicts. Hope this helped, It was very hard to fully explain.

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