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Should I move to my dads (long)?

Ok so I have lived with my mom all my life... My parents seperated when I was 2... I used to visit my dad alot, but then my mom got married and we moved an hour away, I don't really know the guy, he Never talks to me and he does whatever his mom yltells him to HIS mom not mine his... Anyway my mom is a major bible thumper and I am not sure that I have the same beliefs as her... Not extremly anyway. I'm 13 btw... Living with my mom I pretty much have no life... We live half an hour away from the nearest town... I Dont really ever talk to my friends other then at school... And she is SO strict... My dad is alot more easy going and doesn't push religon down my throat... At his house I have the felreedom to believe what I want, he has alot more to offer me, like extra privledges and more time with friends and stuff like that, problem is I have a brother and a sister at each house... This summer my dad and step mom havE been seperated and fighting alot the past years, my dad was In jail 2 times this summer but only for like one day. They get along really well not from what I see, and well I am happ there... He wants me to move there and he said if I didn't like it I could move back to my moms... I feel so guilty is I do move though because of my mom and my mom and step dads family... I really talked about how I hated my dad over the summer and so it would seem hypocritical if I moved but I have forgiven him for the past and vice versa... I don't know what to do... Help???

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  • 10 years ago
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    If you think you will be happier at your dads, then move there if your mom allows you to.

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