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Yuki asked in PetsFish · 1 decade ago

Honey Gouramis and Shrimp?

i'm looking into getting some red cherry shrimp, and have gotten mixed messages about gouramis. i know that most gouramis are either aggressive enough or large enough to snack on a small shrimp, but these get about 2 inches and are reportedly very docile. i've had no trouble keeping mine with ghost shrimp - she doesn't pick at any of them, i've never seen them hiding because of the fish - but i've recently bought a male and another female (all three of which seem to be doing fine and ignoring the shrimp)


the tank is a 5 gallon heavily planted affair, with the trio, a small school of pygmy cories, a pair of kuhli loaches, a nerite snail, and several shrimp. i'd like to add in some cherry shrimp, since they're hardy and easy to breed, but i'm a bit concerned that the gouramis might decide that bright red shrimp are tastier and easier to see than ghost shrimp.

also: i'm quite aware that i'm overstocked. however, last i checked my parameters were perfect, my plants are growing well, and all the fish seem active and healthy. i believe i can safely add a few shrimp for a nice splash of color.

so: would i be safe in adding cherry shrimp into this tank? would they be able to sustain their population, or is it more likely that all the baby shrimp will be eaten?

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  • Locomo
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    1 decade ago
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    Your overstocked, and you know it, but im not gonna do anything about it snce your well aware that your over stocked *SAVED ME A PARAHGRAPH*

    Im answering your last sentence since thats the quesion.

    Any fish with a mouth big enough to fit a shrimp, will be eaten. Adults might be safe... Babies are definately gonna be killed and eaten.

    Try this: Get some java moss and densely ball it so only shrimp can get in and hide.

    Beware: With other fish in the tank, the shrimp will be scared and hide most (if not all) of the time.

    Only way to substain a shrimp population is to have a shrimp only ttank.

  • haak
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    4 years ago

    Honey Dwarf Gouramis are too small to consume finished-grown cherry shrimp. If the shrimp have any babies, the gouramies might consume the newborn shrimp, however. Or do you recommend "Gold Gouramis"? Gold Gouramis are a shade form of the Blue or 3-Spot Gourami, which gets to be approximately six inches long, and can fairly consume cherry shrimp.

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