Would you consider naming your daughter any of these first names if you had this surname?

If your surname was "Cheeseman" (and yes, that is an actual surname), which of these first names do you think would sound the best for your newborn daughter?

Which do you think would sound the absolute worst?

1) Bambi

2) Dreama (as in actress Dreama Walker from the Gossip Girl TV series)

3) Gemini

4) Gugu (as in British actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw)

5) Ki Toy (as in actress Ki Toy Johnson)

6) Piano (as in Piano Foster, a Scientologist hired to head actor Will Smith’s New Leadership Academy)

7) Tantoo (as in Canadian actress Tantoo Cardinal)

8) Temple (as in university professor Temple Grandin, the basis for the Emmy-winning HBO film "Temple Grandin" starring Claire Danes)

9) Womana

10) ZaSu (as in classic Hollywood actress ZaSu Pitts)


Mum2be with MayBaby: No, no, I'm not a troll. Just in a silly mood today. lol

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    Womana Cheeseman, definitely. It's hilarious. ZaSu, Piano, and GuGu are the worst. Oh poor, poor person with the surname Cheeseman.. I can't believe you forgot Picabo Street!

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    No, definitely not! I'd stay away from all 'word names', and anything too ridiculous. One of my high school maths teachers was Mr. Cheeseman lol. I think his first name was John or Jim or something though. The absaolute worst... hmm, they're all pretty horrid.. I'd have to say oh well, it's like a 3 way tie between Gugu, Piano & Womana, because they are the most ridiculous to me.

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    Gugu, Ki Toy, Tantoo, ZaSu ewww.

    Jocelyn Cheeseman.

    Ava Chesseman.

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    Gemini Cheeseman

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    If my last name was Cheeseman, i'd do the best I could to choose a more common first name. But since none of yours are... my top pick would be Gemini.. mostly because it sounds best, but i'm also a Gemini :)

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    I think the worst one would be Ki Toy Cheeseman.

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    Frankly, I think those are all terrible names with the exception of Temple. Would you want any of those names or to be named after some celebrity? Womana is probably the worst.

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    Some people only want to read parts of a question and attack others.

    Womana Cheeseman is probably the funniest to me.

    Best Regards,


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    I will give you that those are all pretty dreadful, but I think that with Cheeseman, Dreama would be the *worst".

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