Chances of getting into JMU?

I was wondering if I have any chances of getting into my dream school. I'm a senior in the fairfax county area, and my gpa is a 3.3. My combined SAT score is a 1420, a 470 Reading 460 Math and 490 Writing. I work at wegmans, if thats any good, and im a board member of my high school orchestra. I was even in the National honors society during my freshman year with a 3.7 gpa, but when i moved during sophtomore year to Canada, my gpa was a 3.0. I took 2 honors courses during freshman year of highschool and AP US in my junior year. My gpa was a 3.4 in my junior year if thats any help.I moved back to fairfax county in my junior year. Sooo i was wondering if I had any chance of getting into James Madison University.

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  • 10 years ago
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    you can't get into JMU or at least it would be very hard. you need a GPA of 3.8. 579 avg. math. 566 avg. reading. sorry but your chances are L



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