Songs that you don't need a good voice to sing??????

My school is doing "Bye Bye Birdie" for their musical this year, and I want to audition. I don't have that great of a voice, but I can sort of sing, and I just want to try to get in the chorus. I need a song that I can sing for the auditions that doesn't require a really good singing voice. I'm thinking something along the lines of that kind of talk-singing, when you're singing, but it's more like talking. Any suggestions????????? I would really appreciate any help with this!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Please don't say that if I don't have that great of a voice, I probably shouldn't be trying out for a musical. I KNOW that, and you don't have to remind me.

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    jane doe by Nevershoutnever. its a slow song and easy lyrics. and its good if your an alto (deep voice for a girl) or soprano (high voice) or if your a guy then its perfect as a tenor or bass. its a beautiful song. be the proudest and happy(not creepy XD) as you can be. and if you screw up, dont make it look like you screwed up. continue singing and smile.

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    The idea i've approximately karaoke is that the individual who is courageous adequate to rise up on level and sing right into a microphone to a music they slightly do not forget within the first situation is WAY too inebriated to both care how they sound, or, a lot much less, realize the entire lyrics. I could be inclined to guess that the individuals who placed the karaoke track in combination tweak anything approximately the music. These songs are not recorded by means of the long-established artists. They are "included" by means of a studio band of the karaoke corporation's layout. Thus, the mentioned bands are ready of changing the pace, vocal variety, and the important thing where the music is written. For Example: A music that is at first written in a hundred and twenty bpm pace with a Ab - mid C variety written in the important thing of A7 might were altered to a ninety eight bpm pace with a variety of G - B re-written in A. Any of the ones variables will also be transformed for the period of the studio preparations. But i digress. My data are extra idea-established than a validated truth.

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    Errgh is there any part in it thats like fast-talking singing? If so try that out... if not.. I mean I'm good at singing so just pretend your singing exactly the same as the actual song, imagine it in your head... thats all I can say... So sorry!! :/

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