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Do you believe that the Federal Communications Commission is unconstitutional? Why or why not?

Don't our first amendment rights cover ALL freedom of speech, not just when it's on television or the radio? I don't seem to remember that ever appearing in the US Constitution, but correct me if I'm wrong..


@Mike Congress passed Obamacare and parts of that law are questionably constitutional at best.

@Lawgirl Would it be any different if someone did those things in public? No!

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    No, it is not unconstitutional. It is an agency created by Congress, thus it is constitutional.

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    No because people don't want their kids to be able to hear certain words or see certain activities or behavior, like violence, sex and drugs. No one is being restricted on what they can say, they simply can't say it over the air waves because they can be regulated. The constitution wouldn't cover TV and radio because it didn't exist when it was written.

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