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How to train "Combat Ki"?

I would like to know where I could take lessons in Combat Ki Im from Northern NJ if there's none in my area can someone please give me some tips for starters? And how I could develop this skills? Thanks for your help

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    You have to track down this instructor: The Kai Master http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=polQLQNl3G4

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    There is no such thing. This isn't Powerball Z or some other nonsense this is the real world. Qigong is a real art, pressure point strikes and vital point strikes are part of most Traditional Martial arts when taught properly. You won't be forming Chi / Ki / Qi balls or knocking someone out with out touching them.

    Source(s): 29 years MA
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  • 3 years ago

    Combat Ki Training

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  • Jay
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    9 years ago

    Some of their philosophy doesn't make sense to me. Rather than learning how to evade, they train to just "take it". Unlike Shaolin that will learn iron body, iron shirt (or what have you) while also learning evasion, these schools focus simply on not ever taking damage. It's a pipe dream. I couldn't possibly think of a more obscure thought.

    There's so many other schools out there with legitimate techniques and theories. Don't be taken in just because they claim to teach you how to use Ki. All traditional martial arts truly do. They took the concepts (incredibly basic ones at that) and marketed it.

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  • Uguisu
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    9 years ago

    I believe this particular brand of bullshido is limited to the Dallas, TX area, being trademarked.

    The rather impressive demonstrations are simply tricks.

    There's a book in Japanese (Hojutsu Yarikata Zukai) by Fujita Seiko detailing the tricks used by the Yamabushi of Japan to show their toughness. Many of the techniques from this video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-5SVkgRTVs

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    &feature=player_embedded ) can be seen described in that book.


    @Life Giving Fist: It's not a matter of whether or not Ki/Qi/Chi is real/legitimate. The Jukokai's Combat Ki course is yet another marketing angle for this "Dai-soke Rod Sacharnoski"... They're calling one market "Okuden", and referring to it as an art. (Okuden, btw, are oral teachings, and usually an advanced middle-level teaching in a menkyo system). The disclaimer on their front page reading "ALL JUKO-KAI MARTIAL ARTS AND WAYS ARE ASIAN RECOGNIZED AND SPONSORED." I mean, I could sneak up behind the waiter at a Chinese restaurant and convince him I know Ninjutsu from that and I'd have an asian recognizing my skills. I mean... This guy set up an organization to recognize Soke... because there are a bunch of people claiming to be Soke and he wants to weed out the illegitimate ones? By what authority? When did the inmates start running the asylum?

    Please don't be fooled: Whether or not Ki/Chi/Qi is legitimate, his tricks fall under Houjutsu (方術), not ki mastery.

    Source(s): Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu (And recovering magician) http://ocbujinkan.com/
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  • CTC
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    9 years ago

    Find a Qigong instructor in ur area so u can educate urself on what Ki(Chi, Qi) is before u get ripped off by someone advertising "Combat Ki". Ki is Ki(Chi, Qi).

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  • 4 years ago

    Well, they're bots programmed by Treyarch so they might not be positioned in "camping spots" but rather tactical spots. Combat Training won't turn you from a "noob" to a "pwner", but it will help you with some vital basics.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It is unfortunate that i have to contradict some of the previous ansewers since i do respect the experiences of the other martial artists on this site but let me start by saying ki/qi/chi/mana/prana/life force/spirit energy/reietsu/kabalah force/universal energy/personal energy/noetic energy/combat energy/one-point/brakah/mysticism/meditation is all very real

    the style you refer to ''Combat Ki'' does have a lot of ''tricks'' that involve body control but that is a skill as well

    here is a link if you contact these guys you can figure out where there is a school for this stuff


    there are other arts that involve energy infact to a degree it is a sutle thing present in every martial arts or yoga style

    if there is nothing neat your school i wager you might enjoy a qi gong or tai chi school or perhaps even a meditation clinic

    Combat Ki as interesting as it is isn't the only art for ki in fact shin shin toitsu aikido or rather ki society aikido has their own ki development as does some forms of karate(some of the stuff in karate and kung fu and hard qi gong look very similar to combat ki)

    sin moo hapkido is very extensivly versed in ki training as are many other arts

    good luck


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  • Cheryl
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    4 years ago

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