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Do Liberals want America to depend on Saudi Arabia for most our Oil?

The liberal politicans we have had for 2 years have destroyed our Oil Drilling, our Coal industry and haven't produced anything to replace it. Obama has started more anger oversea's, more violence with his policies and now a bigger threat for a Nuclear War. When that happens and we can't provide our own energy in America, we don't Get ANY Energy sources when there is a War and we can't get oil from the Saudi's because Saudi Arabia might be gone- blown up. Or the sea will be blocked and it can't be shipped to America.

Then America doesn't have gas- doesn't have HEAT, doesn't have AIR Conditioning and the Progressive commies are happy the population is dying off so they can save money.

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  • Bill
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    Yes they do. The simple truth is that the president's environmental strategy is to drive gas prices to $10 a gallon, thereby forcing a shift to more costly alternative fuels and untested electric vehicles. Once the environmental left has its way, relatively few Americans will be driving around in souped-up golfcarts fueled by solar and wind power costing five times the price of coal-powered electricity, with the rest carless. The country will indeed be energy-independent, but at the cost of immobility and bankruptcy.

    Even as other nations press ahead with plans for deep-water drilling, Obama continues to block offshore oil and gas projects in the U.S. Despite the symbolic lifting of the deep-water drilling ban back in October, no new projects have been approved. Even those already approved have been halted by the president's interior secretary, Ken Salazar.

    Now, in another political tease, the president has announced that drilling projects approved before the Deepwater Horizon accident may possibly be allowed to resume, though under strict new guidelines yet to be finalized. As announced on January 3, sixteen drilling projects that have been halted since the Gulf spill may be allowed to resume, but the administration offered no guarantees that they will in fact receive approval.

    Once again, Obama is playing "Mother, May I?" with the energy industry. It's good politics to appear conciliatory at a moment when gas prices are rising. But Obama never seems to follow through. Oil and gas production in the U.S. continues to lag. Instead of streamlining energy production, the president has created an entirely new agency to regulate offshore drilling (the ponderously titled "Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement," or BOEMRE) and staffed it with a former Clinton Justice Department lawyer. This new layer of federal bureaucracy, like all government bureaucracy, has done nothing but delay and forestall production. Obviously, Obama is in no hurry to increase offshore drilling.

    Obama repeatedly talks about "moving our economy forward" (like all Marxists, he is inordinately fond of that word, "forward").

    But Obama's energy policy is not moving us forward. It is taking us back to the bleak era of the late 1970s -- the time of soaring energy prices, long gas lines, and a president who thought the solution to the nation's energy shortages was to sit around the fireplace wearing bulky sweaters. Obama hasn't come out with the sweater routine yet, but in every other way, his policy resembles that of the Peanut President.

    With gas prices at the pump moving up, closing in on $4 a gallon in some places, Americans have reason to be concerned. Higher gas prices will crimp consumer spending, possibly forestalling the economic recovery now underway. The simplest way to lower gas prices is to increase supply worldwide. With what amounts to a complete ban on deep-water drilling in the U.S., a significant portion of that supply has been placed off bounds. o_O

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    hyperbola is the best!

    what has effected oil drilling and the coal industry is the economy a lot of oil become financially plausible to drill when prices of oil rises. with the economic down turn energy prices sank because demand decreased. if a well take $90 a barrel to produce and the price sinks to $50 production and revenue will sink.same goes for coal.

    i wish i could remember the politician that was calling fro more investment in green energy and increased off-shore drilling before the gulf oil spill. that wasn't Obama was it??? oh right it was.

    "Obama has started more anger oversea's, more violence with his policies and now a bigger threat for a Nuclear War"

    really he seems more liked than Bush overseas. could you give an example to back up your statement???

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    Ah, don't you love questions like this, which are asked by someone so clearly a total imbecile that it's a wonder they can switch on a computer.

    Allow me to explain. Canada is the USA's #1 source for oil, closely followed by Mexico. Saudi is third, then Venezuela.

    Perhaps if you stopped driving stupidly large engined SUVs and pickups you wouldn't need quite so much of the stuff.

  • Rayal
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    It was Bush who held hand with the Saudi king and gave him a big Kiss.

    The Bush family are great friends with Saudi Arabia.

    Our dependence on oil is killing us. The US could strip the North American Continent bare of Oil and not have enough to last very long.

    The future is in research into other forms of energy to break our dependence on foreign oil.

    It is the Republican Oil Men/ Big Money who are keeping up dependent not Liberals.

    See Koch Bros

    See Hugo Chavez

    See OPEC

    Wind, Solar,Geothermal and even Clean Atomic Power is the future not Oil.

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  • Liberals talk about energy independence and I just laugh at them. They do not want to be independent on energy. If they did, they would not curtail all efforts to drill for our own oil.

    Obama puts a moratorium on drilling after the accident in the Gulf. Ok, so do we put a moratorium on airlines after an accident? How about driving cars after an accident? A train derailed not far from where I live yesterday....yep, moratorium on all train travel or freight now...close it down.

    That's the left. They keep touting the unrealistic utopian dream of suddenly overnight getting all of our energy from wind and solar...which is not possible. Drill for oil in a barron grass field in ANWR? Oh no can't have that!

    Liberals are walking contradictions. They will not let us drill for oil, but then they will turn around and say that Republicans want wars for getting oil in other countries. Because they really don't know where we import most of our oil from..yes, Canada and Mexico.

    Neat huh?

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    You folks still don't get it.

    They want a socialist world.

    They can't have a socialist nation become successful.

    People keep fleeing to places like the U.S.A.

    If there is no place to run to, people will settle down and accept a socialist state. They won't need walls and barriers like the Soviet Union put up.

    They have to crash our economy. Then they can turn the last bastion of capitalism that has any power to stop them into a socialist state.

    Oh, they say we are already a mixed economy, so why the upset?

    That's like saying: We already won two battles, so why are you still fighting us?

    They say that we already accept socialism in the form of freeways, military, etc.?

    That's like saying: You have shovels, these are a lot like swords, why won't you let us arm your enemies with all sorts of weapons?

    They say there is no socialism, you're crazy for thinking it.

    That's like saying please ignore all our troops on the field, they are not what you think.

    They say that they want to fight the evils of capitalism.

    That's like saying they want to cut off the supply lines to your troops and to trust them to give your side what it needs, when it needs it.

    If this were a war, their strategies would utterly fail.

    Since this is politics... decide.

    They want us to fail. They can't replace capitalism until it does fail.

    Having people that WANT it to fail telling you it is failing is like having the undertaker tell you that you should stop going to the doctor because it can never work, you'll die eventually, just give him your body and be done with it.

    You folks dead, yet?

  • Stan
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    9 years ago

    For those conservatives who don't understand this...all oil drilled here in the USA, goes into the common market..we do not get to keep it!!! We then have to pay the current prices to purchase this oil.

    This is the truth!!!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No. Do you have any facts on how liberal politicians destroyed our Oil and Coal industry? If you saying the deaths that have resulted from lapses in safety, then thats on the industry.

    For the record our number one import country for oil is Canada. Please educate yourself before you post a question, you'll appear less ignorant.

  • jxt299
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    9 years ago

    thank you so much for standing up for us rich people. I am a trust fund baby, never worked a day in my life, I have yachts and mansions all over the Riviera, I spend more on caviar for my poodles in a week than the little people like you will earn in a lifetime, and I do so appreciate your standing up for the Republican Party that keeps me rich and you poor. You do know your place, don't you? Hat in hand, bowed and humble before us, the rich people who own the Republican Party, who the Republican party works for. Thanks ever so much. You are a very loyal peon, we do appreciate your worship.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Unless you plan on swinging hard a port and nationalizing the US energy companies there is no such thing as "our oil " or "our coal "or " our natural gas"

    Source(s): The rules of free -market capitalism
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