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over dose vaccination for a 5 year old...pls help?

My dd had her 5 year old check up yesterday and she was given DTaP,MMR and Hepatitis B vaccination from the hospital.late after in the night when I checked her immunization chart I found that in her previous hospital they missed some vaccination information as well as the current hospital.So when I checked together ,I understand that she has given six DTaP(two in the difference of one year) where 5 is recommended for below 7 and 6 hepatitis B where 3 is recommended(I think)..After shot she is fine with little pain in hand.But after checking both the chart I am in a deep mental agony that whether she overdosed with these vaccination?what should I do?What will be the side effect if she overdosed?

Request your kind help in my problem.

Thanks in advance


Hi Norton g and Susan..

First of all thanks a lot for your valuable inputs...

For her 4 year immunization we visited one hospital and provided an immunization chart from previous hospital(keep on relocating for job purpose).It seems that she missed some of them due to space problem.But I did not realize that she missed some of her vaccination from previous hospital.In this hospital we provide immunization chart from both the hospital,her medical history,allergy medicine information etc..

We spoke with the Dr in the morning itself and he said he checked all the docs and there is no overdose occurred.Since we are from a another country and two of her Hepatitis B vacc given in very early stage they ignore these doses...We believe in Drs and think they are the Gods in earth....

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  • 9 years ago
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    Kaveri, The FIRST thing for you to do is to STOP WORRYING. The "overdosing" you describe is nothing to worry about. The SECOND thing for you to do is develop NOW an IMMUNIZATION record for each and every person in your family and keep a copy available in your home and doctor's record files. Even if you do not have complete past records, start now! By the way, Hepatitis B vaccine is an excellent vaccine to protect her against such a possibly serious or deadly disease when she becomes sexually active in the years ahead, or if she ever has to receive a blood transfusion.

    Source(s): a physician
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  • 4 years ago

    Loki hit it useless core. Ask your vet what number of instances of lepto he/she's handled within the final 12 months. This will inform you if it is normal on your field. I do not suppose it is relatively normal wherever, however who is aware of. The lepto shot would possibly or would possibly not even defend, and if it does, it is going to final for a couple of months to a 12 months and a part. Not enormously robust as a vaccine with the ones odds. Kennel cough shot,,,,equal factor. May final a couple of months, would possibly final a 12 months, and simplest is helping with approximately 50% of the traces your puppy could also be uncovered to. Kennel cough traces difference and mutate so more often than not, that the pictures simply do not preserve up with the alterations. Kennel cough is a soreness for a puppy to get,,however not often does it motive a major quandary even though your puppy will get it. I suppose each pictures are simply cash makers.Rabies pictures are required by means of legislation in so much areas, however so much vets present a three 12 months one to minimize at the quantity of vaccines you ought to get. Truth is, a a million 12 months rabies vaccine lasts for two-three years besides,,,,however the legislation is the legislation. Same is going for the dhpp and lyme annually vaccine. It's only for cash in so much puppies over two years.

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  • Susan
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    9 years ago

    First, ignore Gary Glitter. He is clearly ignorant regarding pediatric immunizations.

    You need to immediately contact the hospital in which the immunizations were given. They will likely want to see the immunization chart of which you speak. It would have been rather helpful if you had provided that chart at the time of her visit. They may want to reexamine the child as well.

    I don't know how long your "dd" has been with you or how much of her medical history you know off hand, but I do know it is difficult to keep everything to memory. If you provided the hospital with medical records, they could only act on the information at hand.

    Do not beat yourself up over this~ just make the call and take it from here.

    Source(s): Registered Nurse
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