What is the weirdest situation you've ever been in?

Where you were with at least 2 different people.

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  • jehen
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    1 decade ago
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    Not so much a situation but bizarre and astonishing coincidence. Many years ago 8 of us were gathered around my PArents table for Sunday dinner. The Phone rings and my mother gets up to answer (back when the phone was on the wall with a long cord). My mother was clearly somewhat concerned. Her end of the conversation went something like this... 'No, she is not here.... We weren't expecting her... Did you try the shop... They gave you this number? I'm sorry but she is not here and we weren't expecting her, call back to the shop and leave a message."..

    My mother returned to the table and everyone asked what was that all about. My mom explained it was someone looking for a Cousin of my Dad's who lived 1000 miles away. This cousin operated a Florists business and often works Sunday. The caller had called the Flower shop and they had said that she was not in that day but could be reached at the number of my parents home in Florida.

    Later my dad called his cousin and asked what was going on. She was as mistified as the rest of us. She had never told anyone she was going to Florida or could be reached there and she was home.

    It was a few weeks later when my dad puzzled out what had happened. The telephone exchange in his hometown in WV was the same as his current home in FL. The area code differed by only one digit. So he called his own number but using the WV area code. He asked the person that answered if they knew his cousin. They did (and it turned out my dad knew the person too). So what had happened that day is my dad's cousin spent that Sunday at the home of a sick friend - who happened to have the same number as my parents - except for a 1 digit differnce in the area code. A person in Ohio had called looking for my dad's cousin in WV and they were given the number of the cousin's friend. So either by misdialing or having been given the wrong area code, they accidently reached a random home 1000 miles from their target who happened to know the person they were looking for.

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    double dropped some acid on my own one night and had a party with lots of people in my small bedroom, still dont know if they were real cos I lived in a shared house where people came and went, there was a dragon there, and a dot in my bed that I made friends with cos it could fit in snuggly beside me.

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    It was *so* weird (unusual weird, not spooky weird), that you would not believe me, so I won't even bother

  • 1 decade ago

    An undertakers Christmas's party ............................i kid you not

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