Why was Governor Salman Taseer assassinated? (Pakistan news)?

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When it comes to news and politics, I am a little slow but I do open up my TV once in a while to catch up. This evening I was watching CBC, and there was news about Governor Salman Taseer being killed by his own guard in Pakistan. I know this guy, he is somewhat corrupt, but if I remember correctly he is also one of the "modest" politicians, as in he is well educated and doesn't consider himself to be above the law and etc. Anyone might wanna take their time to explain what exactly did he do that brought him that ending?

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That was in the news, however what did he say, exactly? Did he just give an statement? Or did he participate in some case regarding blasphemy? I can't seem to find this anywhere.

Update 2:

Shirleen, just as much as I dislike that answer, I can't help but agree. I am a Muslim myself, and trust me these extremists have created their own religion. Their way of life is not what Islam teaches. Only place where Islam permits killing is an execution of another murderer. It just saddens me and makes me angry on how these dumbf*cks extremists are giving the liberal and the righteous Muslims a bad name.

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    He wanted to change primitive and barbaric blasphemy laws that are used to discriminate and victimized non Muslims.

    The support his murderer receiving shows what a long way the countrynhas to go to get out ofmthenquestion stone age.

    How funny that Muslims are quick to demand support in law for their beliefs in the west and offer no support or protection for the beliefs of other religions in Muslim countries.

    Just how manynsupporters of these barbaric traditions have liberal governments allowed to move to the west?

    No wonder there are so many attacks on Jews and Christians and death threats and attacks made by Muslims in Europe by Muslims who cannot shed these primitive beliefs.

    The murder is indicativevof the barbarism of Pakistan and of course the lack of condemnation of the killer by the millions of pakistanis in Britain is not a surprise to anyone who has had extensive dealings with Muslims.

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    He was very out of character people need to decide for them self what is good or not and i think they way he insult other politicians i could imagine insulting his own gard cursing him out and Blasphemy could be contributing factor into it.

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    10 years ago

    He spoke out against those lame a** blaspheme laws.

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