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remote desktop connection through the internet?

we have a LAN connection at work and it is connected to the internet 24/7..each computer on the LAN has its IP confiigured properly. Now , ll i want is how can i connect to any of the computer in that LAN if i am at another location like when am home using my laptop connected to internet with a usb modem.. i tried looking at different articles over the internet but all i got was this remote connection that i have to know my IP of the computer i want to connect to but i tried that and failed and i noticed that the IP address of all the LAN computers are just internal IP's when i tried using a software to know my worlwide ip it was totally different from that of the LAN's computers. I tried also these port forwading issue on our router to but nothing just failed! can any one help me in this.. the LAN has a d-link router that all the computers are connected!


Ok, routers info: WAN IP 41.204.139.XXX

LAN IP 192.168.1.XXX

now which one shuld i use..n how?

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    I don't know if or where you've missed something so i'm just going to start from the top.


    1. note your routers WAN IP address. check to make sure it is a public address. some are not. also is it static or dynamic?

    2. enable port forwarding for 3393 udp and tcp to the local address of the machine you want to connect to.


    1. enable remote desktop (some version of windows 7 and vista do not allow for incoming remote connections.)

    2. pick which users can connect remotely. Admins can by default.

    2. make sure the remote desktop services are started and that it is set to start automatically on boot.

    3. configure windows firewall to allow remote desktop

    That should work. Message back if you have any problems.

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    You would probably have to configure a remote access server and use a vpn. Windows server has it in the RRAS console. Look for a guide on the internet on how to set one up, you will have to choose your authentication protocols and set up how the remote client obtains an ip address. You will also need to make an exception on the firewall (presuming you have one) for port 3389

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