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What are good schools in Melbourne, Australia?

What are good schools in Melbourne, Australia that have good science programs. I am in year 9 at the moment and want to switch schools for year 10 and VCE. What are the top schools that have the best science programs? It can be private or public. If it is private it has to be under $15,000 because we can't afford anything higher.


*was in year 9 and now going into year 10.

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    The winning schools for Victoria University Science &Engineering Challenge were ~ CarolineChisholm Catholic College, Scotch College, St Joseph College, Werribee Secondary College, St Bernards College, Westbourne Grammar

    (see www.vu.edu.au/)

    However, it really doesn't indicate how many or which schools participated!

    The VCE 'top achievers' for Environmental Science in 2009 came from

    - Newhaven College

    - MacRobertson Girls High School

    - Melbourne Grammar (boys)

    - PLC

    - Melbourne High

    see ~ www.heraldsun.com.au/.../vce-top...science

    The Premier's VCE awards for 2010 for science included students from

    - Penleigh Grammar (Essendon) ~ Chemistry

    - Melbourne Girls College (Physics)

    - Tintern Girls Grammar (Biology)

    - Melbourne High School (Biology)

    - McKinnon High School (Chemistry)

    see - www.eduweb.vic.gov.au/edulibrary/public/....premiersvce/honour_role.pdf

    Obviously results are only one part of the picture... but hope this gives you something to work from! ~ Good Luck :)

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    Definetely Melbourne Grammar


    It also really depends on where you live.. heres a website showing all private schools in Melbourne (all suburbs and regions of Melbourne). It's in a very easy way, you just choose where you are on the map.


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