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Curse of the French Open?

Does anyone think that ever since Justine Henin retired.... the French Open has become something of a curse.... the people who do well there tend to go through a slump in the year that follows. Ana Ivanovic had a HUGE fall in form for about 2 years before finally picking it up late 2010.... Dinara Safina (back injury a factor) also went through a big slump after making the finals 2xs in a row. Svetlana Kuznetsova who won it also suffered. And now Schiavone (something of fluke + really easy draw) who won it is doing badly... And in my prediction, I see Samantha Stosur going through a huge slump sometime later this year (too much pressure on her + her game is predictable.... once the girls get smart and realize to hit wide to her backhand and get used to that kick serve she's out of luck... see how Venus WIlliams dismantled her on clay).

And... in 2003... the year between the 4 years Henin-Hardenne won the French, Anastasia Myskina who won it ended up disappearing/retiring.... bit of bad luck on that too.

The men's side... well Rafa always wins it so there's no curse there! he's No. 1 after all

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    IDK bout the curse of a french open but how about curse of being world number one?????

    So Henin retires as number one

    1. Sharapova ascends to the top...shoulder injury at Wimbledon hasn't been in the top ten since

    2. Ivanovic...won the FO to become the new number one...fall from grace...looks like shes comin back though

    3. the top ranking but lost it to Jankovic despite the serb never winning a slam

    4. Jankovic..had an amazing end of the year for 2008..but has struggled to maintain that consistency that got her there...not as bad as Ivanovic but for the 2009 and 2010 seasons she barely qualified for year end championships

    5. Safina...another fall from grace and doesn't look like she's comin back anytime soon


    a top seed hadn't won a GS since her retirement (she was last to do so) but then she came back and BAM! top seed Serena wins! coincidence? idk

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