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Horse Propety HELP!?!?

I have been looking for a horse property in Tuscon, Arizona ( or near their) or Las Cruces, New Mexico!

I have found a couple but they never seem to work! I really didn't think it would be that hard! I was hoping you guys could recomend some websites that I could search myself without giving my email to some realtor! It would also be appreciated if you could even look up ome for me!

It HAS to already have a barn OR be less expensive that I could build one.

250,000 to 1,100,000

3 bedroom 2 bath (at least)

more than 2,000 sq feet inside

must be for sale

2 or 3 car garage would be nice too!

Thank you soooo much for your help! I just FAIL at finding properties and do not wanna pay a realtor to do it!

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    You dont pay the Realtor, the person selling the house pays them when you buy their house. If you dont buy a house they dont get paid.

    You can google horse properties, or equestrian properties. There are tons of sites that list by state and you dont have to give any info.

    You might also want to try and ad in the farm and garden section of craigslist. I tried one in real estate wanted, got nothing, put it in farm and garden and had over 15 responses the next morning.

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    If you're seriously looking to buy, then get a realtor who specializes in horse properties. It doesn't cost you any extra- they get paid from the sale of the house, not by you directly. They'll save you a ton of time looking for stuff on your own.

  • 1 decade ago is a good jumping off point. sell a great barn kit pretty inexpensive.

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