how can a mountain determine the particular location of a biome?

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    The best way to answer this would be with a diagram, unfortunately i cant put one in my answer. Ill try to explain it best i can. The position of a Mountain can create three primary types of biomes. It can create: 1) dry desert 2) wet biomes 3)snow biomes. The way it creates the desert biome is by blocking the humid air that blows in from the ocean. The height of the mountain prevents the wind/ air from getting to the other side of the mountain. This leads to a lack of moisture on that side of the mountain which will eventually lead to desertification. The way it creates wet biomes is based off the same idea. The mountain keeps all that humid ocean air on one side, which leads to increased rain fall and a more wet environment. The most obvious biome is the snowy biomes. Up high in mountains the temperatures are extremely cold, which leads to snow and a colder biome.

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