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What is "fast pass" at an amusement park?

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    It's a great way to have a 'reservation' to get on a ride without spending all that time in line - which means more $$ for the parks and better customer satisfaction. Instead of 90% of the people waiting in line for the popular rides for hours, they can explore stores, eat, and go on ether rides.

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    in GENERAL its a pass that allows you to "skip the line".

    there are different names for it at different amusement parks. at six flags parks its called "flash pass" and its an extra fee. also in universal theme parks its called "express pass" and its an extra fee.

    when talking about FASTPASS in particular you're referring to the DISNEY parks "skip the line" system.

    its FREE and available to everyone that has a park ticket. it also works a bit differently than the other types of "skp the line" passes. instead of just showing your purchased "skip the line" pass and automatically getting in that line which is what the other companies do at disney parks you just walk up to the ride you want a fastpass for (only the most popular attractions offer it) and put your park ticket into the fastpass machine. it gives you back your park ticket along with a slip of paper that has a time fram on it. ex: 3pm-4pm. you then leave that attraction and go do something else until your time frame has come up. you then go back to that attraction and show the fastpass to the cast member and they will direct you to the fastpass line. keep your fastpass handy cuz just before you get on the ride your fastpass will be collected to ensure that you did not just jump in the fastpass line after entering the regular line. the catch with this is you cannot get another fastpass until either your time frame has come up for the current fastpass you have OR to keep it fair for guests if your time frame is a really long time away from the time you got it there will be a time printed on the fastpass as to when you can get another one.

    Source(s): been to disney world 47 times. my next trip is already booked for august. and i've been to six flags theme parks and universal theme parks several times.
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    Fastpass is a system developed by Disney to cut down wait times for their most popular attractions. At a Disney park, you insert your ticket into a Fastpass kiosk at one of the supported attractions. You receive a small slip of paper with a time interval to return to the attraction between. Between the given times, present the Fastpass to an employee, and you be allowed access to a line that is much shorter than the general queue.

    Other parks have taken on this 'virtual queuing' system in different manners, such as Q Bot (utilized at many Six Flags parks as Flash Pass). Different parks have different systems for cutting down waits, so just check the park to see what options are available.

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    Yes. For many of the popular rides they have machines that you can put your ticket in and it will give you a fast pass so that you do not have to wait in line as long. It is absolutely free. Your fast pass card will say use within a certain time-slot, but let them accumulate and use them all at the end. It is still good after the time slot, but not before.

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    a fast pass isn't at all amusement parks. it's a disneyland and probably disneyworld registered trademark. what it is is you skip most of the line by inserting your park entry ticket into a machine that pops out the fast pass. in a certain time, you hand the fast pass to the person passing the zig zagging part of the line. pretty neat, huh?

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    A fast pass means you don't have to wait in line. You get to go to the front!

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    well a fast past is a faster way to get on a ride. At Disney world. there is machines that you put your ticket in and you get a ticket with a time period that you can go in the fast lane in that ride you may have to wait a minuet but it shouldn't take that long.

    Source(s): my visit to Disney land florida
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    say you want to ride soar, but there's a huge line. it's going to take about 90 minutes. so instead of waiting in line, you get a fast pass. it tells you that you should come around 5 pm. it's 3 pm now. so you have 2 hours to burn. you can go on other rides. when it's 5 pm, you go back to soar, and go in a different line where there's no waiting.

    it lets you cut ahead of those suckers that wait in line.

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    Correct what other people said. You can get it at disneyland, theyre free, once you get one an hour or so later you can go to the ride you got the fastpass for, show it to the worker and go to the front of the line.

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    basically its a line reservation. You get a ticket with a time on it. You return at that time and get in a shorter line for that ride.

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