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are hollow point round legal in the state of Massachusetts for self or home defense?

Also what round / firearm combo would you use for home defense & which combo for self defense?

I am A military vet, trained in firearm safety and shooting. but I know little of firearms outside of riffles. I have safety classes set up before I purchase my first firearm , I just would like to get some opinions from others more knowledgeable than I.

Thank you in advance.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    I find no law restricting hollow point ammunition in Massachusetts, although armor pricing ammunition is illegal. They consider the Winchester Black Talon armor pricing, and it is a hollow point, but that law was made up be a bunch of dumb people that had no knowledge of firearms, but was only afraid of the name.

    I recommend the .357 Mag., .40 or .45 ACP for personal defense, and the 12 gage pump shotgun loaded with 7.5 to 4 size bird shot rounds for home defense.

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  • 10 years ago

    Boy, I hope they're legal! I carried SJHP in my 45s there for many years, for personal protection, as I was taught by executive protection experts.

    Sorry, on the second part: home defense, recommend 18-inch pump-action shotgun. Good at close range, doesn't penetrate too many walls to be overly hazardous to neighbors. Also, get the FM on security and set up your concentric perimeters according to your estimated risk profile (fences, signs, lighting, sight lines, perimeter sensors, locks, dogs, cameras, hardened access points (hidden doors and windows), access sensors, interior sensors, alarm panel, alarm communication monitoring, backup batteries, backup communication lines, escalating response priority for intruders, panic alarms, safe rooms, THEN firearms).

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