yes another mock draft. Thoughts?

Panthers - Andrew Luck QB

Broncos - Nick Fairley DT

Bengals - A.J. Green WR

Bills - Patrick Peterson CB

Cardinals - Robert Quinn OLB

49ers - Jake Locker QB - locker over any other QB because i think he's a better fit

Cowboys - Prince Amukamara CB

Texans - Janoris Jenkins CB

Lions - Da'Quan Bowers DE

Browns - Julio Jones WR

Seahawks - Ryan Mallett QB

Titans - Marcell Dareus DT

Redskins - Stephen Paea DT to replace haynesworth

Vikings - Blaine Gabbert QB

Patriots - Ryan Kerrigan DE/OLB

Dolphins - Mark Ingram RB

Jaguars - Cameron Jordan DE

Chargers - Von Miller DE/OLB

Giants - Travis Lewis OLB

Buccaneers - Adrian Clayborn DE

Rams - Justin Blackmon WR

Colts - Anthony Castonzo OT

Packers - Akeem Ayers OLB

Chiefs - Jonathan Baldwin WR

Eagles - Mike Pouncey G

Jets - Allen Bailey DE

Saints - Drake Nevis DT

Ravens - JJ Watt DE

Bears - Gabe Carimi OT

Steelers - Derek Sherrod OT

Falcons - Kyle Rudolph TE

Patriots - Mikel Leshoure RB i think a RB upgrade is important for new england


Bengals don't need a WR - Ochocinco and T.O. most likely wont be back

Lions don't need a DE - take the best player available

Titants don't need a DT - the defense hasnt been the same without haynesworth, this guy is haynesworth esgue

Patriots don't need a RB - woodhead and green ellis arent fit to be #1 runningbacks

Ravens dont need a DE - cory redding was not good this year

Dolphins dont need a RB - ronnie brown and ricky williams are free agents, and both arent playing well

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  • 10 years ago
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    I dont think the Bengals will take AJ green 3rd overall, there receivers are decent and even without Ocho and Owens they will still have a good core, Green isnt needed there.

    I think the Cardinals are thinking QB more than OLB but we will see.

    Bills need a DT man, simply said...they are getting CRUSHED by the run

    I believe the niners will make a pitch of McNabb, but if not then Locker possibly

    I dont think the Lions are thinking DE right now, Bowers looks good, but wouldn't you think they want a Defensive back or offensive lineman with the pick? Vanden Bosch is good enough at DE.

    Seahawks may or may not want to get rid of Hasselbeck, but i dont think there investing in a QB yet.

    Pats need a DB first round for sure, there not the best at the safety position, and they possibly could use a corner they need a pass rush, but i feel they will be thinking DB.

    If the fins keep Brown and Williams, they dont get the RB, but I think they will have to go RB...(like u said)

    Jaguars need a defense. A DE isnt good enough, they should be looking DB

    Rams dont need a WR, they already have Clayton and Avery who go injured, but are still good, Rams need a DL or DB

    Colts dont need a tackle either, their o-line requires an interior lineman, but I think they should be looking for a DT

    I guess the Chiefs could use a WR opposite of Bowe

    Yes, Eagles need a Guard for sure

    Jets have good pass rush coming from blitzes, Ryan doesnt depend much on DL to get pressure, they may go with a defensive player, but I think they should go with a WR if they cant keep Holmes/Edwards. If none are available, a safety seems good for the Jets D..

    Ravens could use a CB more than a DE i think

    Bears need a OL for sure, but a WR would be nice

    Same with Steelers for OL

    Falcons have a good TE and I think they should look for a safety

    Pats should go DE here, but i doubt they will draft twice in the first round, they will most likely trade this pick..

  • 4 years ago

    a million. cavs- Derrick Williams 2. T wolves- Kyrie 3. Jazz- Enes Kanter 4. Cavs- Brandon knight 5 Raptors- Kawhi Leonard 6 Wizards-Jan Vesley 7 Kings- Kemba 8 Pistons Bismack Byombo 9. Bobcats- Jonas Valenciunas 10. greenbacks -Tristan Thompson 11. Warrior- Alec Burks 12. Jazz - Jimmer Freddete 13. Suns - Marcus Morris - 14. Rockets -Donatas Motiejunas

  • 10 years ago

    Jake Locker has had a terrible year. Ryan Mallett should be available too, and Broncos will want Pat Peterson because Bailey is leaving and wont be coming back

  • 10 years ago

    The Patriots already have a young RB i doubt they will pick up a RB, i think they will get a Defense to help their defense to mature or another WR to replace a ready to retire WR for the future.

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  • 10 years ago

    Nice. but i doubt us Titans want a DT, a QB or a CB lol.

  • 10 years ago

    Bengals don't need a WR

    Lions don't need a DE

    Titants don't need a DT

    Patriots don't need a RB

    Ravens dont need a DE

    Dolphins dont need a RB

    Source(s): Lions don't allow take the best player in the draft anymore...they are going to be a playoff contender next year. They have Kyle Vander Bosh and Cliff Avril at DE. They are going to draft a DE when they have awful pass coverage
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