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NBC news getting too liberal?

NBC has always seemed to put a slight liberal slant on thier broadcasting, but recently with things like airport security and the Owen P. Honors video they have gone completely overboard. This has been especially apparent to me in nightly news and today show

Anyone else share the same opinion?


Im quite aware i can change the channel, my question is whether anyone else has noticed that NBC news is putting a greater emphasis on giving a liberal slant to stories like the Owen P. Honors video and airport security.

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    NBC is completely mainstream without any significant hint of a liberal bias. They make money by trying to keep their ratings up, as they all do. Fox has decided to abandon journalism altogether with their format; perhaps that makes some others appear liberal, but they really aren't.

  • LadyB
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    10 years ago

    Check your remote. There is a button that allows you to change the channel if you don't like what you're seeing or hearing.

  • Rayal
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    10 years ago

    Go back over to Faux news, Completely un-biased. Fair and balanced. It's in their logo so it must be true.

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    Nah... Maybe You're just getting Old. -Not to worry; it's happening to ALL of Us. :)

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