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What should I train in order to achieve something like that on the picture?

I would like to look something like that person, on the first photo of the above site. I don't trust some odd sites, so I want to ask you what shall I do, in order after 2 to 4 years to have such result? Right now, I am a bit chubby, but have the will to make a change. I am almost 16, am I too old already for achieving that? Would you please also give me advice on what to do, as I am very bad at playing volleyball and basketball, major sports which we play at school. I tried going to a sports course, but nobody "needed" boy which is bad at sports and is into teenage.

Thank you in advance, and have a Happy New Year!

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    Hi there! Firstly 16 is not to young infact to get a body like you need to use weights and they recommend you don't start until your fifteen onwards.

    You could easily achieve that in a year if you are just chubby.

    A body like that starts in the kitchen, you need to eat low fat high protein meals. Protein helps muscles repair and grow. Buy a good whey protein powder to mix and drink regularly.

    I would recommend interval training, which is basically doing a cardio activity such as running or biking at a steady speed for 2-3 mins then at a sprint for 2-3 mins. You would do a session for 20-30 mins. If you just starting and are finding it difficult start at 10 mins or less and build yourself up!!

    You need a good weight training program which you can download from many sites, always rest each body area for 24 hours before working that same area again.

    To be honest there is alot to learn about weight training so you will need to buy some books search the net etc.

    Weight training mixed with cardio and a healthy diet will achieve the results your after. Stay determined and you'll achieve your dream, and don't let any so called 'teams' make you feel your anything less :-) hope this helps :-)

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