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What is the flower pot snake of Vanuatu?

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    Despite its tropical forests, Vanuatu has a limited number of plant and animal species. There are no indigenous large mammals, poisonous snakes, or spiders. The 19 species of native reptiles include the flowerpot snake, found only on Efate.

    Species Description – Small, burrowing snake, to 23 cm in length, but usually less than 15 cm. The body is slender and of uniform diameter throughout, charcoal grey or black in colour. The belly is greyish or brown. The scales are smooth and shiny, and are all of uniform size and shape (most other snakes have enlarged belly scales) . The tail is short and blunt, ending in a small spine at the tip (function of spine unknown, but may aid with burrowing). The eyes are highly reduced and concealed beneath the ocular scales. The jaw is small and mount is small and ventrally placed. Juveniles are 5-6 cm long, and resemble adults. Flowerpot snakes are frequently mistaken for earthworms.

    The species is the only known parthenogenetic snake; all individuals are females and males are unknown. Females produce clutches of 1-8 eggs (average 3.7) without fertilisation. Clutch size is correlated with female length and mass. The eggs contain well developed embryos when laid, and all will be female.

    The Flowerpot Snake occurs in various terrestrial habitats, including forest, urban and agricultural areas. It is commonly found in garden beds and has been found in houses where it has emerged from cracks in the floor. The species prefers loose, often shady soil (humus, loam, and sand) and is commonly found in decaying logs and stumps, under rocks, moist leaves, or other plant debris on the ground. It requires a moderately moist habitat to balance water loss through skin transpiration.

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    Flower Pot Snake

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    Brahminy Blind Snake, Flower Pot Snake: Adults are small, thin, and shiny silver gray, charcoal gray, or purple. The head and tail-tip are indistinct, the neck is not narrow and the eyes are only small dot-like remnants under the scales. The tail is tipped with a tiny pointed spur. The head scales are small and similar to body scales.

    Now the Vanuatu claim: The 19 species of native reptiles include the rare flowerpot snake, found only on Efate.

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