What are the reasons why these countries legalize euthanasia?

Hi, I was wondering what are the reasons why that the countries listed below allow euthanasia? I tried to search from a lot of sources but effort was futile.










The Netherlands

New Zealand



United Kingdom

United States

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  • 9 years ago
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    Euthanasia Is Illegal in Albania. To answer your question a lot of people believe that by doing so they will bring their suffering or the suffering of their loved ones to an end.

  • 2wicky
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    9 years ago

    It's about improving ones quality of life, even at the very end. And euthanasia is just one element in improving palliative care, so that we can at least choose to die in humane way.

    Modern medicine has made it possible to prolong ones life in situations that otherwise would have been fatal without it. But at the same time, it may also mean that ones suffering is also prolonged. Sometimes unnecessarily and sometimes the treatment is worse than the illness.

    And so the euthanasia laws are there to provide each individual patient with a choice.

    A good example are patients that are terminally ill. If you know you are going to die soon anyway, would you rather spend the rest of your days in a hospital hooked up to machines and undergoing tests and treatments that may win you a few extra days or weeks perhaps?

    Or would you rather return home, and spend your last days in a familiar place with your friends and family?

    Switching to palliative care means the only treatment you'll need to receive are painkillers to relieve any pain you may be suffering rather then trying to save you at all costs.

    Euthanasia however is a bit more drastic. So allowing it not only eases the suffering of a patient, it also gives him the right to demand it. Keep in mind that for many doctors, deliberately ending a life goes against everything they believe in. Their jobs is to save lives. This also explains why they will continue trying to treat you even if your situation is hopeless.

    So the law is also there to prevent this if the patient chooses otherwise, and let him pick a different doctor that is comfortable with performing euthanasia.

  • 9 years ago

    Euthanasia is only legal in 2 states in America (I think, it might be as high as 8, but not even close to a majority).

    Also, it is legal because not every terminally ill patient wants to suffer long-term pain in favor of just dying. There can be a lot of pain involved in waiting to die, and huge medical bills left to your surviving family. It's a choice some people make.

  • 3 years ago

    that's the needed reason, notwithstanding. surely everyone must have the right to make your concepts up on to die with dignity. quite some the time, at the same time as someone reaches this level in any case, each and every thing is being executed to strengthen their life... drugs, tubes, machines... they are "given" some extra months, or yet another 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, through the indisputable fact that is what technology can supply them. the prevalent of those months or maybe years, notwithstanding, should be considered. If I easily haven't any desire of convalescing from a sickness or damage, why ought to I be forced to adhere round? Why ought to I positioned my kin with the aid of the own and fiscal hell that is going alongside with a lengthy drawn out lack of life? Now, I totally help assisted suicide, notwithstanding it may nicely be a slippery slope. If someone needs to make your concepts up on to strive against, they should manage to. and that i see coverage agencies denying care, at the same time as providing to pay for AS, because it really is a hell of plenty more least expensive. I also see those who truly do have a respectable shot of surviving throwing contained in the towel way too early. yet, on the suitable of the day, we play God both way. finally, the life contained in the soundness must have some say.

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  • 9 years ago

    Maybe not only because they are more liberal on this issue, but more understanding of people suffering from excruciating painful terminal illnesses. Also euthanasia is illegal in the UK.

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  • 9 years ago

    Because they're not more on moral values. They believe that the legalization of euthanasia is a more practical way - less expense and less waste of time for the relatives of the dying person.

  • 9 years ago

    It's humane and cost-effective. A better question would be why do some jurisdictions forbit it? And I can answer that - the health care industry gets sad when they don't get to rake in cash and they don't care if it means misery for others.

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    9 years ago

    The US doesn't legalize it, but I would expect it's because most of 'em have a pretty liberal attitude on the right to death issue.

  • 9 years ago

    a wild guess - socialized medicine - a dead sick patient is cheaper than one you have to keep alive

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