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How to report truancy in mississippi?

Their is a mother in mississippi who has a child that has never been to school. She should be in the first grade. Also she is not homeschooling her either. Where should i report this? This is illegal right, to not send your child to school?

Thanks in advance. Please respond ASAP

P.S. I have her name and address to report.


The child has never been to kindergarten and is not in the first grade. I know this because the mother is a relative of mine and i am asking this for the well being of the child. I also know that she has not and is not homeschooling the child.

Please do not judge me for this, i just don't want this child to go to kindergarten at the age of 8 or 9.

Any help on where and how to report this would be greatly appreciated. If you could give me a place to contact I will gladly award you 10 points. Thank You.

P.S. The child was born in 2004.

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    So you know for a fact that her child was 6 years old by Sept 1 and that she has not filed a certificate of enrollment for homeschooling?

    If the child was 6 by Sept 1 and she has not file a certificate of enrollment, then yes she has broken the law. However, unless you live in her home and keep track of every piece of paper she has ever touched, you have no idea if she filed the paperwork or not. Let me guess, you are just a nosy neighbor that doesn't like seeing kids outside during school hours.

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