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Different types of stakeholders who use or develop information systems.?

Can someone please discuss/ go into detail about the different types of stakeholders who use or develop information system? Plz help ASAP and thank you and god bless for any helpful info you can give.


Surely I'm sure that someone, somewhere can help me out with this question, plz! I rlly need help sooner than later plz plz plz someone help!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    ohh, 2 days, hope that this is not too late to provide u with a good answer.

    anyway, dude, in case ur the owner of an information system and developer company. let say it's considered to be the same sector as Microsoft, Java or Oracle.

    the question is why do u think people are attractive to your business/company!

    stakeholders are for example:

    government, wants to be up-to-date with the statistical data for this sector and the ability to develop and compete in the business for every single company, taxes deduced from sales, monitoring the company's market action. the government in some countries may participate in the capital for example if the company provides services for public.

    customers, who get benefits from the products and services that are provided to them at the end, the end-customer and the way he use it let say (AutoCad) he would be interested in the professionality and the efficiency of the software it self when implementing his projects (the ability to share his works with others) (think of Excel and Word, these are global and common softwares).

    media: cares about the market share, the financial performance (for FX news, if the company is already a PLC (in the stock market)) the high-end products. the latest softwares, news updates and releases.

    employees. his career security. the company's financial strength to go on with the career for the next 2-7 years, pensions, experience and reputation obtained in his job, future and potential promotes and annually-bonus and ,many others......

    remember at last, stakeholders could and would for sure be the shareholders, think of the CEO and other middle managers and their interests in the company....

    good luck

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    <Cue "Field Of Dreams" tag-line voice> "Read it (in your textbook), & you will know."

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