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My new 60" DLP TV looks grainy, why is that?

I have a flat screen (not panel) Mitsubishi DLP WD60738. The screen looks very grainy. The tv is clean, just grainy picture, especially with motion. Happens on cable and blu ray. Are all DLPs like this? Do I just have to sit farther away so I don't notice it as much? Thanks.


So I just bought 6 HDMI 1.4a cables for like $10... do you think the picture will really be better with a more expensive HDMI cable?

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    Again WTF are you smoking????

    those expensive cables dont make a DAMN bit of difference

    only thing they do is drain your wallet really quick.

    The picture will be the same either using a 10 cable or a 100 dollar one. there may be slight picture difference using the expensive one that only a computer can detect

    also for a 60" tv you should be some where around 9-12 feet away.

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    DLP usually are, HDMI cables are the best but depends if you are using a good cable, prices for decent cables range from $60 - $120, they are worth the money!

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    i'm uncertain rather what you advise via grainy, although that's that the sharpness and assessment are grew to become up way too intense. New gadgets are in lots of cases shipped set up with a"punchy" set of photograph settings. pass into the menus and notice if there are substitute settings. that's probable set up on somethiing like "shiny". exchange it to "often occurring" or despite Vizio calls it. and consistent with probability regulate the sharpness down slightly or see if it has a noise help putting.

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