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my ex gf after she dumped me is constantly torturing me by hanging out with other boys in front of me nd i mea?

my ex gf after she dumped me is constantly torturing me by hanging out with other boys in front of me nd i mean everywhrere.what sh i do ???feeling depressed and have no new gf,am i a loser ???????????????her friends are constantly making fun of me

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    i agree with what the one poster said about turning around and walking away. i will add to that though-simply ignore her no matter how hard it might be. Show her that you don't care. Shrug it off-if she's trying to make a statement in front of your face, if she says something to you, just shrug and be like good for you, as long as you're happy then good for you-and say it in a way that makes you sound like you don't care. By your doing this, she'll realize she's not having the kinds of affects on you anymore that she wants to-it's just like bullying really.

    i also agree with what that one poster said about getting out there and trying to start dating again-*but* only do it if you feel you're ready-don't force yourself to do it. *If* things work out and you do find yourself someone, if your ex is *still* doing this to you, you could bring your new girlfriend with you and hang out with her in front of your ex and that'll be a blow to her ego. Another possible suggestion is if you have other good female friends that she doesn't know about, hang out with them in front of her-give her a taste of her own medicine-it might even tick her off to see that you can play her game.

    It's always rough dealing with stuff like this, and i know what i'm suggesting can be hard, but i promise you it'll be such a rewarding feeling to especially give her a taste of her own medicine if she's going to continue to be immature about all this. But for the time being, do your best to show her you don't care. And no, you are not a loser for not currently being in a relationship. You have to go through a healing process before getting back out there into the dating game. Good luck to you-hope this helps.

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    If someone was doing something in front of me I didn't like, I'd walk away. Are you in a cage or is someone holding you there when she does those things in front of you?

    Is there some reason why you can't ignore her? Or start flirting with other girls?

    There is nothing more annoying to a girl then to breakup with a guy and have him get another girfriend right away.

    Try it. You might find out you like the latest model a whole lot better.

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    Yes, you're a loser. If getting a girlfriend is the only thing you can call a life or an achievement, then you have serious issues to deal with. Seek therapy or something.

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    Get a book on body language and start new with more girls, she does not know. You can look at girls and tell if they like you, then ask them out and start dating a bunch of girls, not just one. Then she will wounder why you really don't care.

    Turn the table in your favor.

    Get this book and read it: Under Cover Sexsignals. It not about sex, it's about reading girls body language. You can also watch the movie "Hitch". It's a great one, shows guys what they are missing.

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    do not commit suicide. Your ex is a b***h and he or she should not be doing that to you. An youre not a loser no count number what her stupid friends say. An you should get yet another gf once you're waiting.

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    slap that *****.

    eh seriously i dont understand girls like that. like fair enough you move on but seriously why do it in front of your ex. == what the hell do they have to gain from that. nothing, really except theyre known to be a mega *****. grrr. sorry about that.

    just ignore it. and know that each day gets a little easier.. :)

    at least you know that ***** wasnt worth it and each bad relationships brings you closer to the right gal.

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    Move on yewr giving Her all the attention she wants...wen the attention is gone she's gonna miss it but yewll be in better place enjoying ...

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    Man... what can you do?! Move on! She and her friends will only continue if they realize that you're bothered by it, so be cool... Maybe even smile sometimes. "Those mean bastards!"

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    9 years ago

    lo its realy stpd thing she dng to u.... u just be tre like as usual... u definately come out from ur patches.... dnt worry... dnt be alone always... u hang out wth urfrndz... and enjy d life... instead of worrying to d stpd btch......

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