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I'm a grade 10 student studying in FDR HS. I came from HK. I had finished my f.3 course before i went to new york. i am in regular english class E3 and the guidance counselor gives me credit on E2 course only but not E1 course. I know student must pass E1-E4 and H1-H4 before we are promoted to junior. I have a same situation on H3, he gives me credit on H2 only but not including H1. Do you need to study for 1 more year as sophomore? Also, I want to know if Regents Exams have a great effect on your chances of getting a better college. Is it everyone should take the Regents? Will the teachers told you when to take the Regents?

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    10 years ago
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    about the credits, u need to chat with your conunselor about it, may be E1 is exempt for u.

    most regents are required to graduate from high school and passing the course. except ellective class. like 2nd languages regents .

    usually the teacher will tell u if after you took the course, will there be a regent for you. i remember there are few regents in chinese course, after study chinese level 1, there's a chinese level 1 regent, when i finish level 2, there's level 2 regent, and there might be 4 regents available, but to graduate high school, u only need to pass 3rd regent level.

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