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前提:影片故事發生在1981年的斯德哥尔摩郊区。小女孩Eli出生在1781年,已经活了两百多年。 该片刻意营造了一种淡淡的忧伤氛围,使雪和血之间,即互相排斥,又互相渲染,纯洁和邪恶,仿佛是人生的两个面。呈现了人生的无奈与激情,忍耐是痛苦的,释放是无奈的,就像Eli说的:自己不是女孩子,已经12岁很久了,人生不就是这样么?吸血鬼Eli每當吸完血後,不希望制造出新的吸血鬼,所以一般她都会拧断对方的脖子。 12O岁的skar父母离异,在学校经常受委屈,内心孤独,在懦弱外表下也有很多阴暗面。Eli帮助了Oskar,正是同样的孤独寂寞叫两个人走到一起,两个人共的寂寞和能力的互补使他们共同的走上一条道路。两个不同的人,走在一起,一起帮助,虽然Eli是吸血鬼,但他们抛弃了这种界限。Oskar和Eli之间的感情,即像友情也像爱情。 那个老人不是Eli的父亲,而是和Oskar一样爱她的人,老人不断的杀人养Eli,站在窗口默默看着Eli和Oskar,还请求吸血鬼“今晚不要去见他,好吗?”很显然他在妒忌Oskar,而Eli的回答是轻轻抚摸的他的脸,这种感情表现的很微妙了。因老人的毁容,就不會被人认出来了他們真正是父女還是情人的身份了。 最后的结局就是Oskar和Eli私奔了,那个箱子里装的就是Eli,从此他就接替了那个老人的职位了。Oskar重蹈那个老人的路,那个老人的结局就是若干年后的Oskar的写照。



Update 2:

第二段的開頭改為 12岁的Oskar父母离异.......

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    將中文翻譯為英文Prerequisite: Video story takes place in the Stockholm suburb in 1981. Eli little girl was born in 1781, have lived a hundred years.

    The film deliberately creates a touch of sadness atmosphere so that the snow and blood, and that means mutually exclusive, and render to each other, pure and evil, as if the two sides of life. Presents the helplessness and passion in life, patience is bitter, the release is helpless, as Eli said: he was not a girl, has 12 years of age for a long time, life is not that so? When the blood sucking vampire after Eli does not want to create a new vampire, it is generally the other side she would wring his neck.

    Parents divorced 12-year-old Oskar, in schools often wronged, lonely heart, in the weak exterior, there are many dark side. Eli helps Oskar, the same loneliness is called two people come together, two people were lonely and capabilities complement each other so that they embark on a common path. Two different people, come together, with the help, though Eli is a vampire, but they abandoned the boundaries. Feelings between Oskar and Eli, that is like friendship, like love.

    The old man is not Eli's father, but love her and Oskar as the people, the elderly continue to kill support Eli, Eli, and stood at the window silently watching Oskar, also requested the Vampire, "not to see him tonight, okay?" It is Obviously he was jealous of Oskar, and Eli's answer is gently stroked his face, this feeling is very subtle performance. Disfigured by the elderly would not be recognized or they really are father and daughter as a lover.

    The final outcome is Oskar and Eli ran away, the box is filled with Eli, since he took over the post of the old man. Oskar repeat the old way, that the outcome of the elderly is a portrayal of Oskar few years later

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