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Need a title and character names?

This girl,23,and this guy,27,meet one night at this new club that opened up in town. Things hit it off from the start and Trisha thought she had met the man of her dreams. Things began to move fast despite the concerns from her family. Within two years of meeting,they had moved in together and got engaged. Trisha thought he was perfect. Little did she know how very NOT perfect Josh was. Money kept on missing out of their joint account and josh became distant. A year after getting engaged Josh is arrested for the rape of several women and the murder of 2 of them. Trisha doesn't believe her fiance could have done this. She's constantly followed everywhere by the news networks. Shes overwhelmed and stressed and misses her period and finds out she's pregnant. She goes to visit Josh one day and tells him and he's so happy but she breaks off the engagement. A few months after she tells him,she has a miscarriage and thinking its whats best,she calls(or visits) Josh and tells him she had a miscarriage. Later that night Josh kills himself.

I know it's not well put together but I just came up with this a couple minutes ago. But I don't know if I really like their names.

Do you like this story idea?

She has blonde hair and brown eyes. I did think of Trisha but I don't really like it anymore and Josh is staying.


I have heard of the actual craigslist killer but I have never seen the movie

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    the beginning of your story reminds me of the Lifetime movie I just watched called The Craigslist Killer. But yours has a different twist

    title: Karma, Falling For Mr. Wrong, Blinded Heart, Shh, Dark Angel, Forgive Me

    names: Amber, Jessica, Rachel, Jenny, Sarah, Violet, Ivy, Brittney, Ashley, Scarlet, Kelly

    good luck!

    answer mine?


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    Personally I do like the story plot because its different from the real life events.

    As for title ideas how abouts: Behind the smile


    (sorry not many ideas)

    for girls names : Clara, Hazel, Lydia, Emma, Lucie, Hollie, Isla, Tracy, Darcie, Dana (dane a OR dan a), Violet

    good luck x

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    title: secrets

    girl name: belinda, ashley, or caitlin

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