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i didnt understand the end of the movie "keith"?

i was hoping u guys can really explain the movie "keith" to me,

does keith really like her or was he confused, or did he just want to play with her ?

where did he go at the end of the movie ?

why did natalie tell him to turn the car left almost at the end ?

why did she let him go ?

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  • Hydra
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    9 years ago
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    I haven't seen the movie in awhile so my memory is a bit hazy. I think deep down Keith liked her even if he acted really care-free, nonchalant around her. We do find out later he asked personally to be her lab partner so there was probably some kind of attraction there. However I don't think he intended to fall in love with her which I see as what happened. He was in a kind of state where he knew he had Cancer and accepted it and when he realized he was falling for the girl it kind of messed with his head. All of a sudden he found someone he truly began to care for and was afraid to act on anything because he knew eventually he was going to die.

    Remember he was the one pushing her away and she had no idea why. She thought he was just a troublemaker and ultimately was being punished when she found out he was her lab partner. So in the end when she discovered about his terminal illness she realized why he acted the way he did and why he was trying to distance herself which is why she went to find him by the lake and pretty much tell him she knew everything and still wanted to be with him and wasn't going to let him break away. So I kind of feel although it seemed selfish on his part he was probably doing it to protect her from his ultimate demise.

    At the end when you see her driving his truck it was after Keith died. I can't remember the part about turning the car left so you're on your own :S

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  • Amanda
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    AHHH! that movie was AMAZING! Anyways, in the beginning of the movie you see shes at like a hospital place thing, but you dont know why. but you find out at the end of the movie. the whole entire time her sister was never there, she was imagining her being there. The main character did kill the lady on purpose because she thought the lady was mean when she really wasnt. She also killed her mother and her sister, but that was by accident. And that girl at the hospital was the lady that killed the kids, that haunt the main girl. she was the one that had the pearl necklace. you find that out at the very end of the movie when her name is on the door. all this time the main character thought the lady with her dad was the lady at the hospital. thats why shes messed up. and in a part of the movie when the main character leaves the hospital the lady form the hospital asks "who am i going to tell my stories to?" and thats how she gets all the crazy ideas about her dads new girlfriend. hope i helped!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They loved eachother, but he was dying so thats why he didnt want to get too close

    at the end he dies., so she takes a road trip which he was going to do.

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