How to embed a .swf file on google blogger?

ive been trying to embed/post/upload (whatever you want to call it) a photo slideshow that I made with Apple's Keynote onto my Blogger blog into a post. It is in the .swf file format, but i need a way to get on my blog. i know i need a swf hosting site, but most of the ones ive tried do not work. (Google pages doesn't exist so cant use that). I also need an embed code that i can use once its upload to a host site. it needs to be able to auto play and loop infinitely. I would prefer there to be play buttons but if not thats ok. Please help!


oh and i dont want to do it through blogger video upload!

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    9 years ago
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    I‘m using photo flash maker platinum, it can generate SWF flash file, embed code, there is also template with buttons and allow auto play. The HELP section in the program has a tutorial on how to operate.

    "...sign in Blogger and create a new post, and switch to Edit Html mode. Click Compose to edit the post or write some descriptions if it's necessary and then click PUBLISH POST button... "

    Here is a showcase page for the SWF slideshow template.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hello, dude, if you mean the whole file in .swf file, i think you have to use some kinds of codes, maybe other professionals will answer you that.

    However, alternatively, i suggest another way: convert flash swf to video like MP4, FLV, etc using this swf to video converter pro( and then upload the common videos retaining the best flash animation effects to website with ease.

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