I don't know what I should do?

Well I am going back to school Wednesday. The problem is, that I have been not well for a few days. Once i felt so bad thar I couldn't sleep until 5 am. I had hot and coldness and terrible ear and throat pain. I am a bit better now, except I've started coughing a bit. The problem is, I have a sort of claustrophobia crossed with an illness phobia, which is like, when I'm in a "trapped" situation (school is one because "there's no escape") and I feel a bit ill, the whole thing escalates. I immediately think I'm seriously ill, I panic, feel like I can't escape the classroom, kind of thing. I sit at my desk and inside I'm freaking out completely. It is worse for particular subjects, mainly ones with stricter teachers who are less likely to let me out if I don't feel well or I'm too scared to ask to leave. Sadly, the first three lessons on my first day back are ones that totally flip me out. French, with a strict teacher who thinks i'm the dumbest in the class and makes me feel stupid, Geography, with the EVIL, strictest HEAD teacher (principal), and History, with this male teacher who's whole lesson is like one big chat session, so anything you say and the whole class is listening to you, plus I'm his favourite which is really annoying and he would go something like "Aww don't you feel well" and I'd be really embarrased. Three inescapable lessons. The afternoon lessons I can cope with, but the morning fills me with dread. I could maybe survive history but it'd be a struggle. I could NOT cope with geography in particular. You may say "you can't avoid the lessons forever" BUT the new geography teachers arriving soon and apparently she's sooo nice. The principles only covering till she arrives. Even if I didn't go in on that day , the next day is as bad: French again, science which is ok and copeable, then PE. The horroblest teacher in school, plus a lesson it's impossible to get out of anyway, and hideous if youdont feel well added on. She absolutely HATES me. When the teacher isn't being sarcastic or shooting ke evils, she's treating me like a very "special" member of the class, talking very s-l-o-w-l-y and brightly. Absolute torture. English which is fine, them drama which although it is enjoyable which would distract me from feelingill, if I DID feel ill, I could NOT get out of it because of the lesson setup, and also it's very hot in that room which leads me to feel unwell and I get it into my head that I have a fever. So basically I've got three hideous lessons and two ok lessons on each of the first two days back. I can usually just about cope when I'm feeling 100% well and I've been back at school a while so I'm used to lessons again, but the current situation it will be VERY hard to get me through even onee of those two days. Plus assembly on Thursdays which is an added panic half an hour. It's so difficult. I can cope with Friday almost happily, it's just those two days... I don't really WANT to skip them because I haven't seen my friends in weeks and I hate being stuck at home, although I'm still actually quite ill but my mum usually makes me go in anyway... Please what should I do?


"Quiga" or whatever your name is, to be honest there aren't any "others" in this situation so I don't know why your telling me to think of others.

Sorry it's so long...

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    im sorry but next time type a little less..ill save us from reading alot and responding to u quicker anyways and ur how old?? like really being embaressed cause someone cares?? and i mean look i know u been out for awhile but everythings the same and look dont go thru school living life in the back ur gona want to remember ur school years!! trust me do .w.e u want! and just make sure its legal ;) skip class do something!! and no ones going to say anything to u! and if they do tell them to choke on one cause ur doing wat u want to do and maybe u should study a lil to brush up on wat u learned and maybe a lil ahead so ull know wat ur going to do but other than that just let life takes it course and sooner or later everything u do will make u happy and if ur happy nuthing really matters =)

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    nobody likes you anyway so stay at home and do everyone a favour, its all about you is in it, you should be ashamed of yourself, think of others for a change and stay away from everyone else please. glad to have helped you out byebye!!!!!!!

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