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Is my weanling going to have a sway back?

Or is he just going through an awkward stage? His back wasn't quite so "swayed" when he was 3 months old.. now he is about 8 months old.





Thank you all! And yes, we have since dewormed him and his wormy belly is shrinking :) These photos were taken about a month and a half ago

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    Sway back is actually a gentic disorder, so the best way to tell is by looking at your horses parents to see what their backs look like.

    Most people don't know this and think its caused by a heavy rider or something else. It simply shows at an older age because of muscle lost, and inactivity.

    His back actually doesn't look swayed, as he matures and starts devloping a topline his back will actually start to lift up because of correct muscle devlopment.

    So i wouldn't worry yet, he simply looks like a devloping foal.

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    Foals and yearlings grow like teeter-totters. One day their croup is higher than their withers and the next it's the opposite.

    Right now, his croup is a bit higher than his withers, making it look as if he has developed a 'sway back.'

    It's a bit early to tell. Do any of his parents or grandparents have sway back? Sometimes it's genetic. If that's not the problem, and he hasn't had any serious weight on his back (such as a human being) there shouldn't be much of a problem.

    Once he fully develops (around 3 or 4 years of age) you will be able to tell. I think he'll grow out of it.

    Don't worry. (:

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    My 5 year old Qh/belgian draft has high withers. I personally think that she'll have a sway back when she gets to be a senior. It's hard to tell from the pictures but I think that once he gets into work and builds back and neck muscle and fills in he should be fine. But it does seem like he's going to have high withers. When he's a senior, he may have a slight sway back.. it all depends.

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    Generally they look downhill or swaybacked till they really fill out and are grown fully.

    I wouldn't worry too much, horses naturally get swaybacked with age anyways.

    Maybe try doing some excercises and work to raise and work his topline (obviously when he's older) and do some work with muscling him up and getting good conformation. Conformation is almost unchangable, depending on what you want to correct that is, but at an early age it's more of a possibility.

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    He is so cute!

    I wouldn't think about it too much at the moment; it will be hard to tell how his confirmation will be till about 5 (when a horse stops growing and starts to fill in). If (when he is full grown) his back is disproportionally long compared to the rest of his body, then he will be more pron to having a swayed back.

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    I dont really think he will have a swayed back, I think it is just going to be his type of conformation. He does however look like he would benifit from a good dewormer...

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    beautiful horse!! stunning!! I don't think he will when he grows up and gets muscle, I think he will always have big withers but I don't think he will have a sway back, but you can't be really sure till he does grow up,,, :D

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    and I think he will just have higher withers but not sway back, though only time will tell sorry :(

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    gorgeous! I think he will always have protruding withers, but once he begins to be worked regularly and develops good muscles on his back, it'll straighten up a bit. good luck! (:

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