What is your definition of Suicide?

So I have been wondering this for sometime, and have engaged in several debates with my friends and family, but I want to open it to a broader forum.

What do you consider suicide? I have always taken it to be defined as "the intentional taking of your own life, or by deliberate inaction, allowing your life to be taken."

How does this definition sit with you? Any other definitions, or changes to my own, out there?

Now specifically think about these:

"Is it considered suicide if it is accedental or unintenional? As in the cases of drug overdose, drunk driving, and the like?"

"If my definition holds true with your own personal beliefs, would Jesus then be considered a suicide? Yes, I understand that the widely accepted view of Jesus is that he is 'both all God and all Man,' but then, does his 'suicide' on the cross affect the 'all Man' aspect of who he was?"

What do y'all think?


Tapestry6, let me respond to you, seeing as yours was the only hostile answer I encountered:

1. If Suicide is ONLY the taking of your own life when you're in despair...does that mean a perfectly happy housewife who slits her wrists with the specific intention of killing herself is NOT a suicide? Don't try to assume about the state of her mind or her sanity, just take the question at face value and answer it.

2. Death was Jesus goal. The only way he could wipe our spiritual slate clean was by DYING for our sins, ergo, his DEATH was absolutely his goal, making that question entirely pertinent to the subject matter at hand. And since that IS the case, does he face any retribution in the afterlife for "by inaction allowing his life to be taken." If suicide is considered a sin, as it is in most Christian doctrines, does Jesus, who was also wholly a Man, face any judgement for that sin? Why or Why Not?

Update 2:

3. And finally, Tapestry6, if suicide is the taking of your own life in despair because you have nothing to life for, wouldn't that NECESSITATE that Jesus was a suicide?

"My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?!" sounds pretty "despair-ish" to me.

And let's face it, if you purpose on earth is to die (as Jesus' was) for any reason, DO you have anything to live for?

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    Suicide is "the intentional taking of your own life, or by deliberate inaction, allowing your life to be taken", you are right about that.

    If it is a legitimate accident, it is not suicide. Things like that happen quite often, mostly when people are working on their homes or something.

    The drug thing really depends, I mean you can want to kill yourself when you're under the influence, in that case it would be suicide. If it's a pure accidental overdose, it is not suicide.

    Drunk driving is the same thing, alcohol impairs your ability to drive. Just because you were so sh*tfaced you hit a tree doesn't mean you wanted to die. It just means you made a fatal decision.

    Jesus's case can't be considered suicide, because his goal was not to take his life, but to save another (all of us). That, by definition, is not considered suicide.

    Source(s): PTSD patient who's heard it all before when I got help
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    Interesting inspiration...specifically seeing that medical professionals can not drive lifesaving cures on an unwilling, coherent sufferer, however they are able to drive feeding tubes. Perhaps a different defition would be some thing like: suicide contitutes a deadly alternative that interferes with elementary physically features? Most of our elementary functionsa are computerized - we must take designated movement to quit ourselves from respiring, or pumping blood. But consuming calls for a mindful movement. Definitely a gray subject. I can absolutely see how one could now not recollect it suicide in any respect.

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    Suicide is the taking of one's own life in despair because you have nothing to live for...

    Jesus died for the original sin, and all the sins that would ever take place on this world, He did this in obedience to God the Father in reparation and what you are asking has nothing to do with the subject matter.

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    I think your definition is pretty accurate. I would change "inaction" to be "action or inaction", for example suicide by cop. Accidental deaths are not considered suicide, except figuratively (and through negligence).

    John 10:17-18 makes it very clear that Jesus (at least the version of Jesus in John) is committing suicide, suicide by cop actually.

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    Killing yourself intentionally. Even if you're temporarily ... High. Or even if your hormones are out of balance. If you killed yourself, you took suicide.

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    homicide of oneself.

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