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what are the best dubstep songs with the best bass whomping and bass drops?

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    I got tons. Some of them have long build ups but the drops are MINDBLOWING.

    Medison - Harry feat. Skrein (Bare Noize Remix)

    This one's a good mix of light and has GREAT bass whomping mixed in. Definition of eargasm.

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    Bassnectar - Wildstyle Method (feat. 40 Love)

    I know Bassnectar sucks in general as far as dnb goes but this drop is SIIICCCCKK. Skip to :55 though, the beginning will make you not wanna give the rest a try. Mid song after that has an incredible beat. (1:50 and 2:10)

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    Flux Pavilion - Lines In Wax (feat. Foreign Beggars)

    Flux Pavillion is god as im sure you know. But this song's less heard of and probably has one of the best drops i've EVER heard. If you haven't heard Flux Pavillion before, ill send you some links at the bottom of some of his more popular tracks.

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    Freestylers - Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)

    Here's a very popular one, but an EXCELLENT remix done by god. The drop and high synth is just numbing, it's not so much heavy but it does it in a way that feels heavy.

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    ** The Prodigy - Breathe (Numbernin6 Remix) **

    My favourite dub track of all-time. it's so amazing i can't even describe it. no words other than heavy breathing in the back, most amazing build up you will ever hear, it's so heavy filled with the most amazing high beats and kicks. It doesn't get much better than this.

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    UKF Dubstep Mix - August

    Amazing bass whomping, it's incredibly dreamy. This is a collection of a bunch of amazing dnb songs mixed into one remix. Ha. It's SO orgasmiic oh my god. It's a nice long one too, so no need to rape the replay button. Though i still do.

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    Emalkay - When I Look At You

    This is what got me into dub in the first place. it's a classic, can't describe it better than that. you'll remember it forever with one listen, it's so chilling and has the most amazing deep beat.

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    Professor Green - Monster feat. Example (Camo & Krooked Remix)

    It's just so kickass. The bass is mindblowing. It'll make you **** no doubt.

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    Excision - Shambhala ( 2010 Dubstep Mix ) [ part 1 / 6]

    If you want deep beats, this is the heaviest stuff i've ever come across. But it's done so well, it's not just a shitload of LONG *** intro, but it deserves it. skip to about 1:30, the rest is just ecstasy. speaking of which, first time i did e i just listened to this on repeat for an hour in a small dark room. it's THAT GOOD. but goddamn Lil John comes in at one point which kills it a bit, i guess its to make sure you dont have a heartattack. Excision is the sex. and Shambhala is a never ending ride.

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    Laid Blak - Red (Chasing Shadows Remix)

    This has SUCH A SICK DROP, it's one of the best, it'll blow you OUT OF YOUR CHAIR and it just keeps on going. Ignore the first 10 seconds of little girl tunes. Blaze to it. Do it.

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    anyway hope this helped, dnb onelove<3

    More flux pavillion

    -Gold Dust (classic)

    -I Can't Stop (Never liked it a whole lot)

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    Here is my Trap/Dubstep playlist

    LOUDPVCK X GLADIATOR - Tony (Feat Nipsey Hussle).mp3

    T Dj Snake - Turn Down For What.mp3

    Igor Graphite - Secret World .mp3

    Knife Party - Internet Friends (heRobust s Run Da Trap Bootleg).mp3

    Bassnectar - Timestretch.mp3

    T HeRobust - She Know She Bad.mp3

    D gLAdiator - We Are.mp3

    Skrillex - Goin' In.mp3

    T Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In (Remix).m4a

    Evoke - All I Am (VIP) .mp3

    Luzcid x Zagor - Empathy .mp3

    Kai Wachi - RCGNZE feat YLTI (Original Mix).mp3

    T Kai Wachi - Back to the Lab.mp3

    T Kai Wachi - Medusa.mp3

    T Kai Wachi - Afterworld.mp3

    T Kai Wachi - Down.mp3

    T-Mass - My Turn.mp3

    Jarvis - Close My Eyes (Ray Volpe Remix).mp3

    Jarvis - Close My Eyes .mp3

    T Flaxo - Erode.mp3

    TroyBoi - No Substitute ft Y A S.mp3

    Troyboi - Make Her Dance.mp3


    T Proton - Looks Like.mp3

    Moonbeat - Dreamcatcher.mp3

    Matstubs - Spirits.mp3

    T Bro Safari & UFO! - Burn the Block.m4a

    Cosmos Def.mp3

    Cy Kosis - PaperChasin.mp3

    Malt Flickr.mp3

    D Fractal - Sanity.mp3

    D Mizuki - Uppercut.mp3

    T WorldCAT - Drop It.mp3

    T FreeFall - I'm A Boss .mp3

    D Seven Lions - The Great Divide.mp3

    Marshvll - I Want ft. Sevnty.mp3

    T Aero Chord - Surface.mp3

    Rogue - Rattlesnake.mp3

    Kai Wachi - Floss.mp3

    Bro Safari & Rell The Soundbender - Inferno.mp3

    SKisM LAXX - Hostile .mp3

    Duwell - Magneto.mp3

    T Timmy Tutone & HaveThat - Ridin'.mp3

    T Kai Wachi - Wrong Decisions.mp3

    T Kia Wachi - Amnesty.mp3

    T Kia Wachi - Brain Splat.mp3

    T Kia Wachi - Devastating.mp3

    T Oiki - IED.mp3

    UKF Dubstep - Breathe.mp3

    D Joe Ford - Unsafe.mp3

    D Joe Ford - Majesty.mp3

    D Joe Ford - Culture.mp3

    D Submotion Orchestra - Blind Spot.m4a

    Knife Party - Bonfire.mp3

    D Samples - Pelican.mp3

    Core - RL Grime.mp3


    D - Departure.wav

    T Lookas - LOKO.mp3

    D Phutureprimitive - Center of Gravity^.mp3

    Evol Intent feat Jackie B - Under (Bro Safari remix).mp3

    D T-Mass - Black Mountains.mp3

    D Emalkay - Bring it Down.mp3

    D Muzzy - Snowman Swag.mp3

    Datsik Barely Alive - Candy Kids.mp3

    Noxik - Don't Need You.mp3

    Premiere 8Er - Break Yourself.mp3

    T HeRobust - Throw That (Remix).mp3

    Lux Johnson - The Ripper.mp3

    GAWTBASS - My Way.mp3

    D Samples - Man The Garrison.mp3

    Warrior of the Night (Original Mix).mp3

    Take Five - Midnight.mp3

    T Tropkillaz - Wine Yuh Back.mp3

    Black Tiger Sex Machine x Haezer - MORE (Original Mix).mp3

    heRobust - Assault N Pepa.mp3

    T Gent & Jawns - TURNUP.mp3

    Dabin - Embers feat Jill Harris (Kai Wachi Remix) .mp3

    Jason Derulo Ft Snoop Dogg - Wiggle (8Er Remix).mp3

    Sub Focus - Tidal Wave.mp3

    D Calverton - 8 Bit Dreamz.m4a

    T Tomsize - All That ***.mp3

    Trap For Me.mp3

    Bassnectar - Vava Voom.mp3

    T PANTyRAiD - Dance On Remix.mp3

    D Sub Focus - Falling Down.mp3

    D No Limits - The Crash.mp3

    D DC Breaks - Move Closer.mp3

    D Phrenik - The Prophecy.mp3

    T Skepsist - Reflux.mp3

    D Jomekka - McVillain.m4a

    D JPhelpz - Singularity.mp3

    inistry of Sound 4 - What Can You Do For Me.mp3

    T Robotic Pirate Monkey - Boss.mp3

    T Jakwob - Fade.m4a

    D Beta - Cook.m4a

    D Pantyraid - Get The Money.m4a

    The Glitch Mob - Becoming Harmonious.mp3

    T Sane Beats - Get Low.mp3

    D Noisestorm - Backlash.mp3

    Schoolboy - Zombies Ate My Neighbours.mp3

    Lindsey Stirling - Spontaneous Me.mp3

    Lindsey Stirling - Shadows.mp3

    Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize.mp3

    Lindsey Stirling - Electric Daisy Violin.mp3

    Lindsey Stirling - Song of the Caged Bird.mp3

    Lindsey Stirling - Trancendence.mp3

    D Nero - Must Be The Feeling (Radio Edit).mp3

    D Nero - Must Be The Feeling (Flux Pavilion & Nero Remix).mp3

    D Kito - Sweet Talk.mp3

    Bassnectar - Bass Head (SPL Remix).mp3

    Bassnectar - Empathy.mp3

    Bassnectar - Nothing Has Been Broken.mp3

    Zomboy - Raptor (SKisM LAXX Remix).mp3

    T Flaxo - Swimming Pools.mp3


    T Baauer - Harlem Shake.mp3

    D Safra - Get It.mp3

    T Mutrix - Hustle.mp3

    T Kia Wachi - Hypnosis.mp3

    T Kia Wachi - In My Blood.mp3

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    The bass drop refers to when the bass is taken out of the mix, this is usually right in between the build and the release (the main part of the song) the breakdown does indeed usually have no bass but it's not really considered the bass drop as usually most of the instrumentals are stripped away and only a few remain. Intro -> Breakdown -> Build up -> Bass drop -> Release -> Outro

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    Top Dubstep Songs

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    Game Over - Starkillers, Inpetto

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    You can find your good idea at here: Best Dubstep mix 2016 playlist:

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    Centipede Knife Party has a bad intro though

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