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Why people say scorpios are the seixest sign of the zodiac?

ive seen plenty of scorpio guys and i see them as gorgeous,cute and stunning then sexy,hot,hypnotizing, the girls i know look just as cute. megan fox has a scorpio asc and i see her more as pretty than sexy, leonardo dicaprio is a scorpio and i see him as very handsome looking rather than hypnotizing. in my opinion i think capricorns are the sexiest


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    Its not their physical appearance, because Astrology has no effect over your physical appeariance. When horoscopes say Scorpio is sexy its because of the feelings they have inside. They are sexy because of their personality and flirty ways. You can see that the majority of Scorpios are usually "gorgeous", as you say, but Astrology is only affecting their way of talking. Their eyes are also usually very mesmerizing because they choose not to open them as much as a Cancer(because they widen them alot due to getting surprised easily, and they don't close them as much as Pisces(because they dream alot), so their stare is the most piercing and mesmerizing in the zodiac. Megan Fox has alot of sex appeal due to that reason. Leonardo Diccarprio also does. Ashwarya Rai has beautiful stunning eyes. Vivien Leigh does too. Although, in this case, stunning, means mesmerizing, or hypnotizing.

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    Ok dont get too into the star signs thing, its alright to believe but it doesnt explain everyones looks, well some of it. Looks are more about genes,

    They say so, because scorps usually look a bit fierce when they stare at you because they incline their head forward, thats why they believe its hypnotizing. Being a scorpio myself, im a bit offended by this Kat B person.

    Its self preference, really.

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    I think it's more a state of mind; I've met PLENTY of ugly Scorpios, as well as beautiful ones.

    The reason Scorpios are "the sexiest" is because of the whole 'aloof' quality;

    [not ALL Scorpios are like this, but] they tend to be Mr. I Wear My Sunglasses At Night & Never Smile and Mrs. I Wear Nothing But Black & You Aren't Worthy Of My Time, sort of a thing, you know?

    Personally, I love Scorpios, but they have a tendency to act 'too cool for school.' For sure.

    Acting like you don't care is seen as 'sexy' whereas acting all lovey-dovey-happy-smiley-sunshine is seen as 'cute' not sexy.

    Hope I helped!

    Source(s): Pisces Sun :)
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    I've seen the ugly/the beauty in every sign!

    But capricorns & scorpios are very sexy to me.

    But u know, we all have our opinions.

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    like anything else its a matter of opinion but scorpios or people who have scorponic traits in their chart exude mystery, sensuality and passion.. that might be why...

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    9 years ago

    LEO because their lions even better than all those other star signs ;)

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    9 years ago

    because some of them (or rather most of them) are

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    9 years ago

    i think they're sexy

  • 9 years ago

    its Taurus

    Megan fox , chris brown , robert pattinson ........ all the people MILLIONS of people go mad for its Taurus because we are ruled by venus so is libra but it is exalted in Taurus

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