What's attractive about the Japnese culture so that non-Japanese to learn about the country and language?

I am just curious what facinates some people to go to Japan and study the language and culture.

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    They have a very healthy lifestyle. I mean, when you look at them they are all clean, organized, smart and wealthy, and they spend time with their families. Us Americans are on the go and we never really have a meal with our families. That's why Japanese people are usually thin. They eat slowly, eat healthy foods, and have small portions. I really admire them. :)

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    3 years ago

    That man was once a dick. I've been to Japan a couple of instances and the Japanese had been blown away while I began to talk Japanese. Even while I did Japanese karaoke. I had a pal stationed in Okinawa that used to translate for the Command Sergeant Major there while the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force visited. She even translated for the colonel while he made a speech as soon as. Japanese individuals are very hot and open. Every every now and then you can meet a entire ********, however that is anticipated in each and every tradition.

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    9 years ago

    Japan is a unique culture that happened to mature on an Island away from the Continent.

    Why is the British Isles so attractive to non-Brits?

    For the same reason, Britain's culture is unique compared to the Continent.

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    9 years ago

    Very Attractive question- The japanese culture is very old culture and Japanese Culture has evolved greatly over the years, from the country's original Jomon culture to its contemporary hybrid culture, which combines a number of influences from Asia, Europe, and America.Japanese are celebration many type of festivals and new year celebration.

    Most important factor is japan had very strong economical country and they have lot of job opportunities. I am suggesting you some url where you can get the lot of information about japanese language and Japanese culture.





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    9 years ago

    Japanese culture, and Japan in general, is fascinating to many people from different backgrounds. Japanese is a leading country in many fields, from automotive to electronics, and food to the arts. Many children are attracted to Japanese 'anime' (cartoons) and 'Nintendo' games, such as 'Pokemon', 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' and 'Astro-boy'. Also, Japan has a rich background, with interesting religions (Shinto, Buddhism) and history. Life in Japan is EXTREMELY healthy. Fish, rice and vegetables are the most common foods, eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sport and exercise are very popular, and encouraged by parents and schools alike. Japan is also attractive to many people for it's beauty. Mount Fuji, hot springs, cherry blossoms and unusual wildlife make up Japan's spectacular landscape, making Japan one of the most recognisable nations in the world. Hope I helped.

    P.S. Don't forget about Sushi, everyone LOVES Sushi!!!

    Source(s): I speak Japanese and have travelled there.
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    9 years ago

    I am interested because of their healthy and smart lifestyle,they have a lot of tradition and history,and they are very honorable people and hard working people with good taste in fashion;)

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