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Do you think you know more than these people, and their knowledge of the "world"?

keep your science, I'll hang with these people. You don't have to be perfect.

* KIM ALEXIS: Supermodel

* JOHN TESH: Musician and former Entertainent Tonight Anchor



* JOAN OF ARC: Saint

* DEION SANDERS: Football Player

* AC GREEN: Basketball Player

* PAUL WYLE: Olympic Figure Skater

* JANET LYNN: Olympic Figure Skater

* REGGIE WHITE: Football Player

* ROMA DOWNEY: Actress

* DELLA REESE: Actress

* AUSTEN O'BRIAN: Actor on TV's Promised Land


* THE BACKSTREET BOYS: Mainstream singing group

* BOYZ II MEN: Mainstream singing group



* ROY ROGERS: Late TV star

* BRUCE MARCHIANO: Actor, played Jesus in "The Gosple According to Matthew)


* KATHIE LEE GIFFORD: Talk show host

* DAVID ROBINSON: Basketball Player

* JIMMY CARTER: Former United States President

* JON SCHNIDER: Actor (Dukes of Hazzard)

* ELVIS PRESLEY - US entertainer - our elvis presley website

* MC HAMMER - USA singer

* GARY BUSEY - American actor


* ALICE COOPER - american pop star

* ROSALYN SUMNERS: Figure Skater

* AUSTIN PECK: Soap Opera actor


* TIA AND TAMER MOWRY: Actresses on Sister Sister

* EDITH STEIN: Saint and Holocaust Victim

* VANITY: Former singer for Prince


* SHAE-LYNN BOURNE AND VICTOR KRAATZ: Olympic winning Figure skers

* ANNE B.DAVIS: "Alice" in the Brady Bunch

* MARY LOU RETTON: Olympic Gymnast

* LACEY CHABERT: Actress from Party of Five

* DEEZER D: Actoro n E.R & Christian rapper


* PAT BOON: Singer

* R.KELLEY: singer




* DEBORAH NORVILL: Inside Edition anchor

* FRED ROGERS: Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

* Willie Aames - former actor, "Eight is Enough".

* Billy Barty - actor, "Willow"

* Justine Bateman - actress -"Family Ties"-("Malorie")

* Gary Burghoff - actor ("Radar O'Reilly" on M.A.S.H.)

* Garey Busey - actor.

* Kirk Cameron -actor, "Growing Pains"

* Anne B. Davis "Alice" on the Brady Bunch

* Donna Douglas - actress ("Ellie May Clampett" on

* "BeverlyHillbillies")

* Kim Fields - actor, "Facts of Life"("Tootie")

* Andy Griffith - actor, "Andy Griffith Show"

* Charlton Heston - actor"The Ten Commandments"

* Gavin McLeod - actor Captain Stubing on "The Love Boat"

* Chuck Norris - actor"Walker Texas Ranger".

* Mickey Rooney - actor

* Mr T. - Actor-("I pity the Fool who ain't know Christ")

* Ben Vereen - Actor

* Lisa Whelchel - actress, "The Facts of Life"("Blair)

* Desmond Wilson - actor ("Lamont Sanfor

* Dikembe Mutombo - professional basketball player.

* Joe Carter - baseball player.

* George Foreman - former professional boxer.

Meadowlark Lemon was probably the best-known Harlem Globetrotter of all time. But Meadowlark gave his life to Christ and now preaches the gospel. He has own television program on TBN.

Jimmy Blacklock is another former Globetrotter who is now a Christian.

By the way, the inventor of basketball, James Naismith, was an ordained minister. He invented the game in 1891 as a way of curing the wintertime boredom of the boys he taught.

Turning to football, Florida State coach Bobby Bowden is a devout Christian. So is Joe Gibbs, coach of the Washington Redskins. Former L. A. Ram and actor Roosevelt ("Rosey") Grier preaches the gospel, and recently went to minister to O. J. Simpson in jail.

Mike Barber, formerly a Houston Oiler starter, now ministers the gospel to inmates in prison and has a program on TBN. Football lineman Reggie White is an ordained minister. Former Baylor star and Chicago Bear Mike Singletary is supposed to be a Christian, as well.

Natalie Nalepa, an All-American track star at Baylor, is a Christian.

Pro golfer Corey Pathen was Jewish, but was saved 1991. The list of Christians in pro baseball includes some of the top stars of the sport. Orel Hershiser of the L. A. Dodgers had his Christian testimony printed as a gospel tract by the American Tract Society. Brett Butler of the Dodgers is also supposed to be a Christian. Other Christians in baseball are Rod Booker and Terry Pendleton.

Few stories are more compelling than that of former pitcher Dave Dravecky. He lost much of his shoulder to cancer. But he did what was considered impossible: trusting in God, Dravecky came back to pitch again--only to have his bon

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    Could have added a few wonderful musicians as well...many created their masterpieces "For the Glory of God".

    Philosophers, philanthropists...pioneers...astronauts...heaven should be quite an interesting place. Thanks for the interesting post/question to read. I get your drift...

    How about the "painter of light"? Thomas Kincaide?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Well that certainly is an impressive list of people who will be totally forgotten in history, except for the two gals, Joan and Theresa, who actually got off their butts and did something useful for the world.

    As for Mike Singletary, I might actually know more about coaching than he does.

  • sam
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    10 years ago

    You under stand all people were divided in to five based on conscius development.

    1st level- Eating, excreting & having children like any other animals Annamayam in Indian language.

    2d level- mind developed to understand & enjoy music ,dance etc Monomayam do

    3third leve- spritual development Pranamayam do

    4th level- Nature Functioning - Science & Spirtual development Vinganaam do

    5th level- Full Development of cnscious- God realization Anandhamayam do

    I am in th fifth level, some body in your list reached 5th level then they are on bar with me. No body is out of these classification and mental development is basic one.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Ah mate i just asked a similar question concerning some people being more fortunate than others and it just somewhat occurred to me that the people you listed here are most probably not as informed as us about religion or current affairs...though most of the people mentioned above have cold hard cash......

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  • All the ppl you listed may have more experience in life and society than me, but about the world, this natural world, I think I know more since I'm a science student. They may have made more money than I can ever dreamt of in this humble researcher's life, but who cares, money can't buy beliefs and willings.

    "Keep your science"



    Send me your car, your clothes (made by sewing machines), your cell phones, your computer (you'll do Christ a favor stop posting bull$hit), your TV, your washing machine, your lamps, your lighbulbs...

    Everything! Unless your that shamelessly hypocrite

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    A few hundred years ago Entertainers where seen as the lowest form of employment, because they didn't contribute anything to the infrastructure of society.

    They were seen as parasites and whores, little has changed in my view of them, other than they get paid more now.

  • Bill
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    10 years ago

    Science created things like penicillin but if you denounce the practicality of scientific facts your foolishness to do so is one of your own.

  • Rick L
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    10 years ago

    Wow. So - in your opinion - being famous is enough 'proof' to you that their opinion on spirituality is bette than mine? And "Fame" trumps "Science"? F A I L

  • 10 years ago

    A lie is a lie, even if people believe it.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Argument from authority is fail even when the authority is fail as well.

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