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Recipe for Alaskan Salmon fillets?

I have 6 Alaskan salmon fillets and would like a recipe that incorporates them, that would be nice for dinner :) Thanks

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    HEY FLO...

    how lucky are you alaskan salmon is my favourite thing and politely suggest you treat it as simply as possible ok... and don't forget the secret ingredient the love!!!

    first like a good steak you must let the fillets warm a bit from being in the fridge do not try cooking straight from fridge doesn't work same as with a good steak ok...

    then get a large fry pan or cook a couple at a time put some olive oil in the pan and heat then add fillets if the skin is on cook skin side first till golden and crisp looking and cook the same as a steak turn once and some people like their salmon still rareish in the middle so check first I actually like mine cooked through...

    then in another pot cook some baby new potatoes the white ones you can leave the skin on and don't cut cook them whole and always start with cold salted water test with fork that they are cooked throw into a bowl add a generous dollop of real butter and some chopped herbs like dill or italian parsely or chives ... don't use the curly leaf parsley trust me only use the flat leaf or italian one... curly leaf parsely is only good for garnishes to make food look pretty then serve with something green to complement like brocolli or spinach or asparagus just something green you all like...

    plate up with a lemon wedge and voila...

    the keep it simple technique is always the best with good ingredients ok try it I 100% guarantee it...

    Source(s): a major salmon lover and foodie
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    Coat Salmon with ginger-teriyaki sauce and grill it or broil it.

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