Is having knee surgery a grueling ordeal?

Now, before surgery; my legs hurt a lot. And, my back hurts too.

I've heard that they have you on your feet the same day.


It will be a knee replacement.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I can tell you but I gotta know what type of knee surgery. Is it a replacement?

    Ok well, if it's a replacement, it'll be painful. And it's not always a same day release. The procedure for a replacement is to reshape the edges of all three bones and screw shaped connectors to it so that it fits better. Then they sew it back up and they usually put your legs in motion for several hours afterwards. It all depends though. Some people do single knee, some do both. Your back will feel better though and if it's a replacement you are needing I bet your feet hurt too.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Again depends on the surgery the worst is knee replacement which was covered in the answer above. If its a ligament reconstruction(ACL etc) or meniscus repair than its not as bad. You can often be discharged the same day.

    For my last ACL reconstruction surgery I was walking at day 5(not very well) and in terms of getting around I am almost back to normal at week 4.

    Source(s): Here is my blog about my recovery...
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