How to thread tapestry needle for crochet?

I am trying to teach myself to crochet. I have 2 edges that I need to attach together. I know this sounds stupid, but how do you thread the yarn needle to sew the pieces together? In all the videos I've watched, they just put the yarn through and don't knot it or anything. And then it magically holds the pieces together. I don't understand! I just want to sew the pieces together with yarn and a yarn needle but I don't even know how to start by threading the needle! I have no experience with this whatsoever!

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  • 10 years ago
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    I would use one of these methods -

  • Mary
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    10 years ago

    The needle I use is called a yarn needle. A tapestry needle is a little too small for 4 ply yarn. Check at Walmart and you can find needle threaders that are large enough for yarn )My favorite is triangular shaped) or, try to "needle the thread". Make sure you have a clean edge on the yarn and pinch the end between two fingers then push the eye of the needle over the edge.

    Never knot the yarn. It's almost impossible to hide a knot and it will be unsightly. To anchor the end, pass it through several stitches and then back again. When using size 10 or 20 thread, I will go back and forth three times. This will hold well. the larger the hook you used to crochet your work, the harder it is to hide the ends without having them work loose.

    Relax and have fun! Crochet gets easier with every project and is very rewarding.

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    If they don't need a knot to secure the beginning then it's because they planned ahead and left a long tail of yarn on one of the pieces when they finished it. If you didn't, all is not lost. Just make a slip knot in the end of the yarn furthest from your yarn needle and leave the hole big enough to stick your finger through. Insert the yarn needle through the crocheting wherever you want the first stitch to go, and then through that slip knot you just made. Now cinch up the slip knot snug against the yarn it's around and then tug the yarn until the stitch is snug. Now your yarn is attached and you're ready to sew.

    Here's a trick for getting the yarn to go into the eye of the needle when you thread it: Fold the yarn a couple inches from the end to make a loop. Use the needle to pull the loop straight and then pinch the yarn where it is folded around the needle. Slip the needle out from between your fingers without letting the yarn escape. Now you have a nice, flat, smooth edge to push through the eye of the needle. It's harder to explain than to demonstrate. I found this video which shows two methods of threading yarn through a needle:

    Youtube thumbnail

    The video itself is about needle point, but the principle of getting the yarn through the needle's eye is the same for crochet or any time you want to get yarn through a yarn needle.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The way I do it is to firmly hold the tapestry needle by the point end. Then I fold the yarn sideways over the eye of the needle. I pinch the yarn really tightly around the needle. Without letting go of the yarn, I slide it away from me, off of the needle, and then I feed the pinched part of the yarn (double thickness, but very firm) into the eye of the needle. It is then possible to grab the yarn from the opposite side of the needle and pull it on through.

    To work in the end of the yarn when you are stitching, the way I do it is to hold the right sides of the two pieces of crochet together, and the wrong sides away from each other, with the sides to stitch meeting at the top. I start at the left. I use an overhand stitch (repeatedly pushing the needle through from the far side near the seam, with the yarn passing over the seam from front to back between stitches) WHat I do with the end is to leave about 2 inches loose from the first stitch. I then lay it from left to right along the seam, so that the yarn going over the seam with each stitch catches the yarn and holds it tight.

    Source(s): I do not remember being taught these techniques. They come from general sewing knowledge and trial and error.
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  • 10 years ago

    If you have a needle threader you can use that. Another tip is get a little piece of paper. Fold it in half & put through the eye of the needle. Put the yarn in the paper & pull the whole thing through.

    If that doesn't work I've found that folding over the end of the yarn then threading works well.

    When sewing don't tie the yarn. Instead leave a tail of like an inch or two. After the first stitch start to cover it while sewing the pieces together. It'll hold & cover the end at the same time.

  • enns
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    4 years ago

    Tapestry Needle

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