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Caul/born with en-caul?

Dont really know how to start or when to start but anyway here it goes,any1 know a legend about people who born with caul and they have those six sense or could see the other side of the world n etc.Well the thing is i wasnt born that way i was born with full sac covering me which the nurse say she never saw any baby in her entire life of working as a nurse being born like i was n then she say im different n etc but anyway the weird thing is my mom ask her to keep the sac cos she want to bring it back n show me how it look like when im older but here the odd thing happen my mom dont see her anymore after that day cos my mom wanted to ask her where is my sac n no1 know where she is so i dont even know how my sac look like.But anyway my parents always told me im different n born in different way n etc.Well when i was growing up i always are a loner i dont have much friends cos i know they will betray me n i just couldnt fit me with them cos i always know im different from them n i keep try to be friends with different sort of people but by the end of the day i always know i couldnt fit in cos im different n i know when some1 lie to me cos i could see it in their face n i always can sense that something wrong with them.So what makes me more weird is that when i was lil i use to laugh,cry,talk n even walk in my sleep n sometimes i dont even know what im saying but lucky i stop sleep walking but it didnt just stop anything else cos then when im start to growing up i could sense things and see things only very rare n i would know if something bad or good will happen just that im not sure when it going to happen,i remember when i was alone at home 1 night cos my parents n sister are away and i could hear foot step outside my bedroom door cos i always lock my door when im asleep but i wasnt asleep at that time cos i was watching tv inside my room n i open my door n look all over the house but there was nothing in the house just me alone so i just went straight to bed n i hear the foot steps again but i just ignore it till when i was half asleep i feel something touching my leg n i was a bit freak out at that time n its start pulling me off the bed n im to scared to open my eyes so i just keep kicking what ever the thing that keep on pulling me off the bed n i struggle quiet alot with it for few minutes n then the grip gone i open my eyes n see nothing at all in the room,i couldnt fall asleep anymore after that but thats the worse ever happen cos i know i can sense things but it never actually make a contact n it happen again but this time i was walking in town with my family till something grab my wristn have a strong grip to it n it really hurt my wrist i cant even see the things that do that to my wrist i could feel it have a long finger nail it feel like it digging its nail to my skin, it hurts alot n all i could do at that time is just grab my wrist as hard as i could n wishing who ever or what ever that hold my wrist will stop n it did but the pain last till 1 month.Anyway things just gone more weirder when everytime i dream sometime it come true n sometimes either the things already happen or about to happen i dont know why,sometimes i dream seeing myself in different time n in different situation i know it was me although i look different,sometimes i could hear myself talking weird language i dont even understand n i keep seeing myself either die or in a coffin but theres always 1 guy that always be with me i dont know who he is but everytime i dream about those thing he always there either like a guardian i even saw him putting rose infront of my grave or even inside my coffin and even when i was alive in my dream he was always there.never know who he is,though sometimes i wish i know him,but it get more weird when i know my dad was in a car crash cos i dream about it in my sleep where i see lots or blood n my dad was out of the car injured i was shock n then i was awake but then my mom ring n say my dad in car crash n i told her i know about it n i went to visit her,she say how do i know i told her it happen in my dreams n i saw something in her face that makes me hurt cos i though she knows me cos im her daughter cos she is the 1 who always knows those weird things about me but now she is the 1 who look scared,i feel like im a monster.when the dream happen again after few month this time my dad was in coma n it already happen 2 days before i have that dream n i ring my mom n she say its true something happen to your dad n i told her why she didnt tell me she say she dont want me to be upsad again well i was really upsad at her.Then i move far away n i meet this lady who want to be my friend but i get an image like flash back from her when i saw her n i know she have tattoo in middle of her back even before i know her she never know about it cos i keep it to myself yes i have few flash back/deja vu too n i dont like it cos it give me headache.sometimes i just knew some1 even before i know them.


sometimes when im out somewhere i sometimes tend to know some1 who is a stranger and i feel like i have know them before but i dont know who they are i dont know why i dont even know if its like those past life sorta thing..i dont know who i am anymore or what i am anymore i just hope some1 will have an answer for that cos i really want an answer cos basically they say only people who born with caul are special n have gifted power n have great powers being put on their fate,so i dont born in that way then what am i some kind of moster or demon or a devil?any1 please help me...

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  • j
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    9 years ago
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    Here's a few book titles by a lady born like you were: "Watch Your Dreams," "Ethical ESP," and "Men in White Apparel," Ann Ree Colton.

    Related: "Looking into the Invisible," Omraam Aivanhov, and

    "The Path of the Higher Self," Mark Prophet, both of whom were gifted in ways similar to your own.

    Reviews at

    Also, may be of interest.

    If you're ever disturbed by something, here's a good licensed counseling number to call, available 24/7: 1-800-525-LOVE; general web site is

    You might email the scientists at as they work with such talents and gifts too.

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  • 9 years ago

    tl,dr The only folk magic view I know of babies born with a caul are that they'll never drown.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Paragraph breaks are your friend.

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