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Bee asked in Games & RecreationHobbies & Crafts · 9 years ago

How do I create the landscape of the Great Wall of China?

How do I create the landscape of the Great Wall of China?

For a project, I already have the material for the wall itself (styrofoam blocks and paint). I need to create a 3D landscape of the hills and trees and whatever else that surrounds the Great Wall. I can't use clay or real dirt so any ideas of what materials I could use?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You say you can't use "clay" but do you mean all kinds of clay, or just earthen clay?

    There are lots of clays you can make yourself** or buy cheap that could work as parts of the land/hills itself, or certainly the trees, etc.

    You could just make the landscape area on a piece of corrugated cardboard*** or board by taping or gluing on wads of paper/scrunched aluminum foil, cups, or whatever to create your hills, then applying a few layers of papier mache**** over everything (leaving a flat area where you want the wall to be).

    Paint the land with spray or regular paints, and create variety by sponging or burst-spraying on various colors of greens, browns, greys or black, etc., here and there to give the ground some visual contour as well.

    Then glue on your wall, and any trees/bushes you've made.

    If you want the ground to have more "texture," you could use paper pulp you make yourself at home:

    (or buy something called Celluclay at a craft store).

    And if you want the ground to have grassy or gritty texture, apply a coat of permanent white glue (like Elmers GlueAll which you can thin a bit with water if you want) or ModPodge to the colored ground, then immediately while still wet sprinkle on fine dried/chopped grasses/plants of any kind, or dried herbs, etc, and kind of pat into the glue. The glue will dry clear but you could also do the same thing with still-wet acrylic paint.

    You might want to check out some of these as well for making landscape scenes, dioramas, trees, etc:

    and with more foam: (Scenery, Landscaping, Trees, etc)


    Diane B.


    ***or two pieces with their corrugations going opposite ways

    ****the thick, soft, blue "shop towels" sold in auto depts or stores or even now next to regular paper towels in grocery stores, can be used instead of newspaper strips for the papier mache and will make the process go much faster (and be nicely drapable and paintable)


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  • 9 years ago

    Well thats a hard one but you could use real plants but you could add more detail to it like why you can't use clay or real dirt.

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  • 9 years ago

    I hope these websites are helpful to you.

    Can you carve trees out of styrofoam?

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